Degree Evaluation – Guide for Students

Are you on-track to graduate?

Do the courses you’re signed up for fulfill degree requirements?

How many classes do you have left to complete your degree at UMW?


Your UMW degree evaluation is a key tool to help you answer these questions. You can run as many evaluations as you’d like, each time displaying real-time info on your degree progress. Degree evaluations are especially useful:

  • during registration periods;
  • prior to meetings with your Advisor;
  • at the end of the semester once your grades are posted.

The degree evaluation tool, when used in tandem with regular academic advising, will help you ensure you make the most of your time at UMW and finish your degree in your desired timeframe.

Note, the evaluation tool is not the official graduation clearance. Final approval for graduation is determined by the Office of the Registrar for BA, BS, BSN, MBA, MS, MED, and MSGA students, and by the Bachelor of Liberal Studies Office for BLS students.


Who has access to the degree evaluation?

All UMW students have access to the degree evaluation system. As of the Fall 2018 semester, UMW is transitioning to a new degree evaluation tool, Degree Works.

While most students will be able to use Degree Works, some will remain in the CAPP evaluation tool. The degree evaluation tool you use is dependent on the year you declared your major(s).

  • Undeclared Students – ALL undeclared students should use Degree Works
  • Students Declared Prior to Fall 2017 – these students remain in CAPP
  • Students Declared in Fall 2017 or Later – these students should use Degree Works


Where can I see the term I declared my major(s)?

The term you declared your major, or Catalog Term, is visible on your Student Profile in Banner SSB:

Banner SSB >> Student and Financial Aid >> My Student Profile

Note that double majors can have different catalog terms. Be sure to review both your primary and secondary curricula.


How can I run my degree evaluation?

Your degree evaluation tool (whether Degree Works or CAPP) is accessed through your Student Profile in Banner SSB.

Banner SSB >> Student and Financial Aid >> My Student Profile

  • For CAPP users: Degree Evaluation
  • For Degree Works users: DW Degree Evaluation


Can undeclared students “preview” how their coursework would apply toward a prospective major?

Yes! Undeclared students should use the What-if feature in Degree Works to see how their courses would fulfill requirements for a desired major. Be sure to select the catalog year you intend to declare the major in order to view the major requirements in effect at that time. Review the academic calendar to ensure you submit your major declaration by the deadline!

Tips for Degree Works Users