Faculty Banner Self-Service (SSB) Information

Banner SSB for Faculty

  • Select Menu on the upper right hand corner from http://www.umw.edu
  • On the lower left hand side of the next screen, select Email under Quick Access
  • Select the Banner icon on the upper right hand side of the next screen & then select Log in to Banner
  • Select Banner SSB (Self-Service Banner) & select Faculty Services
  • Select Advising Student Profile to view your advisees and remove registration holds
  • Select Class Details to view the sections you are assigned to teach for the term, enrollments in the sections, and the time and location of the sections
  • Select Enter Grades to enter final grades and mid term grades (when applicable)
  • Select Grade Change Requests to submit a grade change. For information on Grade Appeals, go to the Grade Appeals (Academic Disputes) Policy in the Academic Catalog
  • Select Registration Overrides should you need to grant a permission of instructor or closed class override for a student. Instructions for entering Registration Overrides (Force-Adds) are below.
  • Select Faculty Schedule by Day and Time to view your faculty schedule calendar
  • Term Selection ensures that you are looking at information for the appropriate term
  • E-forms Portal grants you access to pending and completed electronic forms
  • Logout of Banner SSB after every session.

Registration Overrides

  • When logged into Banner SSB, go to Faculty Services -> Registration Overrides
  • Enter the student’s Banner ID, if known, or search by Last/First name
  • Once you have entered the name or ID, select Submit and then select the student once they appear
  • Choose the correct override option from the drop down menu, select the correct course, and then select Submit. Do not use the Repeat or Out of Sequence codes. 
  • You should then receive confirmation that the registration override you entered has been saved successfully.
  • If you have more overrides to enter on different students, select Back to ID Selection
  • Please note that inputting the override code for the student for a class does NOT register the student for the class. The student still must register for the class. The override code simply allows the student to register for the class. Therefore, be sure to inform the student to register for the course once you have entered the override