Step 4: Fill Out Request Form

WARNING!!! Because of the high volume of these requests between April and June, if your request is not filled out completely and correctly, it will not be processed!  Information left blank or that is incorrect will not be researched but will cause your request to be denied.

CREDIT FOR YOUR MAJOR: If you want the credit to be applied to your major program, you CANNOT use this form. Rather you must download the form, print it out, and have your department chairperson sign the request before you submit to the registrar.  Here you can download the Request to Study at Another US Institution

SECTION NUMBERS: You MUST know the section number of the course you applying to take at another school.

ONLINE COURSESDO NOT USE THIS FORM!  Complete the Request to Study at Another Institution form for signature of the Department Chairperson of the discipline of the course(s) for any online, video, ELI, home study, or “alternative delivery” courses.

You may need two documents as you fill out the form below.  Links to those documents are found here:

Transfer Credit Permission

  • Please enter a number from 0000 to 9999.
  • Using your campus address is preferred.
  • Course Information

    All transfer credit is subject to the academic regulations as published in the current Dictionary of Academic Regulations (see link above).

    NOTE! If the credit is to be applied toward your major or an online or alternative delivery format course, you cannot complete this form.

    Instead, you must complete the Request to Study at Another Institution form (see link above).
  • You may take the courses at any accredited institution. The above list only offers the most common schools. If the school you would like to study at is not listed above, please enter the name of that school here.
  • Select the term you expect to take this course.
  • Course 1

  • Not call number (Example: SPA-201)
  • Example 21B
  • Example: Intermediate Spanish I
  • Course 2

  • Course 3

  • Course 4