Departmental Honors

Most academic departments have criteria in place for students seeking Departmental Honors. Students who wish to demonstrate excellence in their field of study should consult their department chair for requirements. Upon successful completion and departmental affirmation, students should follow the guidelines below for submitting materials to Simpson Library. Departmental Honors are recorded on each student’s official transcript.

Guidelines for Submitting Honor Papers


All students seeking Departmental Honors must submit an electronic copy of their paper and complete the online Submission Form and License by the last day of Finals Week.  If there is a problem with meeting this deadline, please contact Angie Kemp, Digital Resources Librarian, at 540-654-1756 or

Submission Procedure:

For detailed instructions on submitting your work, please see UMW Libraries’ Paper Submission Guidelines. After Departmental Honors has been approved, your paper will be preserved and displayed online in the Eagle Scholar institutional repository. The repository is publically accessible, and is an excellent way to showcase your paper to employers, family, and friends. In addition, online access will increase the availability of your work to other scholars in your research area.

Further questions regarding the submission of honors papers to the Library should be directed to Angie Kemp, Digital Resources Librarian, at 540-654-1756 or