Registration Error Messages

Various messages will appear as you attempt to register for classes.  Some of the messages are informative; some are restrictive.  If a restrictive message appears, you must meet the conditions of the restriction to register, which may require some type of intervention from an office or department on the campus.  These messages and the required action follow:

Error Message



Open – Reserved for Waitlist Although the system is currently showing a seat available, this seat is being reserved for the next student on the waitlist. If you receive this message, you can choose to add yourself to the wait list by choosing Wait Listed from the drop down action field and clicking on Submit Changes.
Closed Class has reached its enrollment limit Select another class or get permission to add the class from the instructor or department.
Time Conflict The class you selected meets at the same time as another class selected. Select another class or section.
Pre-requisite/Test Score Error You have not met the pre-requisite established for the course. Select another course or secure approval from the department.
Level Restriction You do not have enough hours to meet the level approved for the course.  Usually restricted to junior or senior level courses. Select another course appropriate to your enrollment level (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior) or go to the Registrar’s Office.
Co-Requisite (CORQ-xxx) The course requested requires enrollment in another course (e.g., lab or lecture) during the same semester. Select the indicated required course.
Major Restriction Enrollment in course is limited to specified major Select another course or gain admission to the major specified.
Reserve Closed The course requested is full due to reserved seating for a specific group of students. Select another section of the course, a different course, or contact the Department Chair or Associate Dean to inquire about the reserved seating requirement.
Duplicate Course You have already registered for this course/section. Drop the course from your schedule.
CRN does not exist The five-digit CRN you entered is not recognized by the system. Check the schedule on the web to get the correct number and enter the correct CRN.
Invalid Student Status Code You have not yet been admitted for the term you are attempting to register. Degree-seeking students must contact the appropriate Admissions Office.
Student Status prohibits registration. Your student record is not active. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 540-654-1063.
Academic Standing prohibits registration. Your academic standing does not allow registration. Contact Academic Services at 540-654-1010.
Registration Appointment Error You are trying to register outside of your assigned registration time. Please refer to the Registration Appointment Time page to see when your registration time is.
Hold error An office has placed a hold on your registration.  You may have multiple holds on your record.  Please check your registration status for all holds. Contact the appropriate office(s).
You may not drop your last class. Additional steps are required of you when you are totally withdrawing from the university. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 540-654-1063.
 Courses in which the instructor’s signature is required Student can obtain POI from the instructor – it works
the same as closed class permission.
Contact your instructor.

The following registration conditions require you complete your registration via the Registrar’s Office. You can contact our office with any questions you may have by calling 540-654-1063 or emailing You may also find the appropriate form at

  • Enrollments over the maximum hours
  • Independent Study Courses
  • Individual Studies
  • Out of Sequence