Degree Completion Requirements

Each degree program at the University has a specific set of course requirement and other academic-related activities that need to be fulfilled to obtain the degree. It is the student’s responsibility to use the resources provided to meet these requirements. Students should review their online degree evaluation and their online academic transcript at the end of each grading session and prior to every registration period. Meeting with your academic advisor and working on a plan can greatly assist you in meeting your goals. The offices of Academic Services and the Registrar can help if you have additional questions. For more in-depth information, refer to the Undergraduate Academic Catalog (for BA, BS, and BLS students) or the Graduate Academic Catalog (for MEd, MBA, and MS students).

Students, please be diligent in checking your UMW email.  Important degree information is being sent to you by these means so it is critical to your degree completion that you check your UMW email regularly.

Diplomas will be ordered following summer and again after fall and mailed to the student at their home address of record. It is expected that all students will attend the May commencement ceremony. Any student who is unable to attend commencement should contact Brian Ogle and ask to graduate in absentia.

Important Senior Information