An enrolled, degree-seeking student may request, from a department, a special examination in any course offered by that department.  The department will determine if an examination is appropriate in the requested course.  If the student passes the examination, the course and a grade of CR will be recorded on the permanent record to indicate credits earned.  Quality points, however, will not be awarded.  If a student fails the examination, a grade of CI will be recorded.  Should the latter occur, the student must enroll in the course in the next semester in which the course is offered.  The student’s earned grade, with attendant quality points, will replace the grade of CI.  Should the student not so enroll, the CI will be converted to a grade of F.  There is a charge for each examination.

Credits earned through credit-by-examination may count toward Major Program requirements, General Education requirements, or can be scored as elective credits.

Credit-by-examination is not available for seminar, individual study, studio, or laboratory courses.  Credit-by-examination is not available for any course in which the student has been enrolled or has been in attendance.  Also, credit-by-examination is available only for courses normally taught at the University of Mary Washington; it is not available or appropriate for any course not listed in the current academic Catalog.

Request for Credit-by-Exam Form