Advisor Registration Information

  1. Select Menu on the upper right hand corner from
  2. On the lower left hand side of the next screen, select Email under Quick Access
  3. Select the Banner icon on the upper right hand side of the next screen & then select Log in to Banner
  4. Select Banner SSB (Self-Service Banner) & select Faculty Services
  5. Select Advising Student Profile
  6. You will then have the option to select the appropriate term, view your advisee listing, or search for an advisee via student id, student email, or student name
  7. Click on a student’s name to view their student profile & select Remove Holds from the left hand navigation bar so that the student may register online
  8. You may view the general academic information about your advisees by selecting DW (DegreeWorks) Degree Evaluation, Academic Transcript, or View Grades
  9. To review another advisee, select Advisee Search at the top of the screen and repeat the process
  10. When you are done, logout of Banner SSB.