Transfer Credit Permission (BA/BS/BLS Students)

The information on these pages helps University of Mary Washington students determine how to transfer credit for coursework and credits earned at other institutions. Transfer credit determination is made by the University Registrar. Start with Step 1 below to begin the easy 4 step,online process on how to request permission to transfer credit to University of Mary Washington degree programs.

Step 1:  Instructions and Transfer Credit Policy

Step 2: What Transfers?

Step 3: Determine How to Obtain Approvals

Step 4: Fill-out Our Request Form

Re-Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Students seeking re-evaluation of transfer credit or transfer credit approval for General Education requirements should complete and submit the Re-evaluation of Transfer Credit form  to the Office of the Registrar.

Policies on this site apply to the BA/BS/BLS degree program only. For other degree program transfer credit approval, please contact the following:

  • Master of Business Administration: Dr. Chris Garcia (, Associate Dean, College of Business 540/654-1456
  • Master of Education/Teacher Licensure: Dr. Janine Davis (, Associate Dean, College of Education 540/654-1353

Please note, there are differences in the accepted transfer equivalencies between UMW’s BA/BS and BLS degrees. In a few instances, no credit is awarded for some transfer course work in the BA/BS program that is accepted as non-major credit in the BLS program. In determining transferability of particular courses, please consult the equivalencies table in the “Transfer Credit Guide” which is arranged by degree program in the Transfer Credit Guide.