General Education 2008 by Discipline

For BA/BS Students Matriculating Fall 2008 and After

Course Designations by Discipline

ALPA– Art, Literature, Performance (appreciation), ALPP– Art Literature, Performance (process), EL– Experiential Learning, FL– Foreign Language, FS– First-Year Seminar, GI– Global Inquiry, HES– Human Experience and Society, NS– Natural Science, QR– Quantitative Reasoning

Courses without dates were originally approved. Those courses approved later have the term they were approved to be Gen Ed listed.

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American Studies 470-EL 485-EL 491-EL 499-EL
Anthropology 101-HES,GI 309-ALPA Fa09 480-EL 491-EL 492-EL
Arabic 202-FL upper level courses taught in the language-FL 491-EL 492-EL
Art History 114A-ALPA 115A-ALPA 460-HES Any 470-GI 491-EL
  492-EL 499-EL
Art-Studio 101-ALPP 102-ALPP 105-ALPP 120-ALPP (ends Su13) 454-GI
  491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Biology 000-EL Fa09 121 and 122-NS 121 and 127-NS Sp09 121 and 204-NS Sp09 125 and 126-NS
  260-QR Fa11 424-EL FA11 491-EL 499-EL
353-QR 491-EL 499-EL
Chemistry 000-EL Su09 105A and 106A-NS CHEM 105A and 107-NS CHEM 111 and 112-NS 331-GI
  491-EL 493-EL Su09 499-EL
Chinese 202-FL upper level courses taught in the language (if available) -FL
Classics 101-HES 110-HES, ALPA 130-ALPA 202C-ALPA 204-ALPA
  211-HES 310-HES 380-GI 485-EL 491-EL
  492-EL 499-EL
Communication 207-ALPP 209-ALPP 481-EL 491-EL 492-EL
Computer Science 104-GI 106-ALPP 109-QR Fa13 110-QR 125A-QR
  220-QR 230A-QR 391-EL 430-EL 491-EL
Dance 243-ALPP 302-ALPP 303-ALPP 305-ALPP 491-EL
  492-EL 499-EL
Economics 100-HES Fa10 201B-HES 202B-HES 361A-QR 382-GI
  383-GI 384-GI 490-EL 491-EL 499-EL
Education 303-EL  311-ALPA 351-EL Sp13 440-EL 499-EL
English Any 202-ALPP 205-ALPA 206A-GI, ALPA 207-ALPP Fa10 245-ALPA
  any 251-ALPA 302A-ALPP Fa10 314-EL Fa10 380-ALPP, EL 399- EL Fa10
  491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
110 and GEOL 112A-NS GEOL 111 and EESC/GEOL 210-NS 230-GI Fa10 481-EL 491-EL
French 202A-FL 205-FL upper level courses taught in the language-FL 316-GI 326-APLA Sp09
  327-ALPA 328-ALPA 491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
First-Year Seminar All FSEM 100 courses
Geography 101-GI 102-GI, HES 110 and 111-NS 110 and 240-NS 110 and 325-NS
  221A-HES 222A-HES 236-GI 237-HES Sp13 331-HES
  332-GI 336-GI until Fa10 338-GI 360E-EL Fa11 365-EL Fa13
  485-EL 491-EL 499-EL
Geology 111 and 112A-NS 111 and 221A-NS 111 and EESC/GEOL 210-NS 491-EL 499-EL
German 202A-FL upper level courses taught in the language-FL 311-ALPA 317-GI 491-EL
  492-EL 499-EL
Greek 202-FL upper level courses taught in the language-FL 306-ALPA 308-ALPA 309-ALPA
  491-EL 492-EL
101-HES 467-EL Sp12 470-EL Sp12 491-EL 499-EL
History 121-HES 122-HES, GI 131-HES 132-HES 141-HES, GI
  142-HES, GI 190-HES Fa 13 201-FS 202-FS 305-HES
  315-HES 325-HES 327-HES 334-HES
  341-HES Fa09 358-HES, GI 360-HES, GI 361-HES, GI 362-HES, GI
  366-HES, GI 368-HES, GI 371-HES, GI 372-HES, GI 375-HES, GI
  377A-HES, GI 381-HES, GI 383-HES, GI 384-HES, GI 385-HES, GI
  387-HES, GI Fa13 390-GI 395-HES 485-EL 491-EL
Honors 100-FS 201-EL Fa13
204-ALPA 350M-EL Sp13 491-EL 499-EL
Italian 202-FL upper level courses taught in the language-FL 491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Latin 202-FL upper level courses taught in the language-FL 305-ALPA 307-ALPA 352A-ALPA
  353-ALPA 354-ALPA 358-ALPA 434-ALPA 491-EL
Linguistics 101B-HES 202-HES, GI 205-GI 491-EL 492-EL
Mathematics 110-QR 115A-QR 120-QR Fa13 121-QR 122-QR
  125-QR 200-QR 201-QR 207-QR, HES 280-QR Fa11
  491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Modern Foreign
Any 201-GI (This is a Modern Foreign Language topics course; it is NOT any language at the 201 level.)
Music Education 491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Music History
and Literature
151A-ALPA 152-ALPA 153-ALPA 154-ALPA, GI 156-ALPA
  263-ALPA 368-ALPA 491-EL 492- EL 499-EL
Music Performance 341D-ALPP 341E-ALPP 341F-ALPP 341G-ALPP 341H-ALPP
  342-ALPP 344-ALPP 344A1-ALPP 344B-ALPP 344D-ALPP
  344E-ALPP 344F-ALPP Sp12 344G-ALPP Sp12 441-ALPP 491-EL
  492-EL 499-EL
Music Theory 170-ALPP 181A-QR 369-ALPP 370-ALPP 483-ALPP
  490-EL 491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Philosophy 101-HES Fa09 102-HES 151B-QR 160-HES Fa11 201-HES
  202-HES 210-HES 212-ALPA Fa10 220-HES 225-HES
  283-HES 284-HES 318-HES 320-HES 335-HES
  485-EL 491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Physics 101 and 102-NS 101 and 108-NS 103A and 104-NS 105 and 106-NS 105 and 110-NS
  317-QR 491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Political Science 101A-HES 102A-GI 201-HES 491-EL 499-EL
Psychology 000 (Community Service)-EL 100-HES 321-EL Sp09 322-EL Su 10 350-EL
  360A-QR 491-EL 499-EL
Religion 101-HES 102-HES 103-HES 205-ALPA, HES 206A-HES, ALPA
  210-HES, GI 211-HES  250-HES 251-HES 276-HES
  283-HES 284-HES 301-ALPA 305-HES 318-HES
  321-EL Sp09 401-EL 491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Sociology 105-HES 155-HES 364-QR, EL 491-EL 492-EL
Spanish 000-EL Fa09 202A-FL 205-FL upper level courses taught in the language-FL 301-EL Fa09
  312-ALPA Fa10 413-ALPP Sp09 491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Theatre 111-ALPA 112-ALPP Fa09 113-ALPP 131-ALPP 132-ALPP
  211A-ALPA 212A-ALPA 218-ALPP 240-ALPP 261-ALPP
   290-ALPP 291-ALPP 321-ALPP 331-ALPP 335-ALPP
  336-ALPP 361-HES 362-HES 390-EL Fa10
  433-ALPP Fa12 433-ALPP Fa12 434-ALPP Fa12 436-ALPP Fa12  482-EL
  491-EL 492-EL 499-EL
Women’s and
Gender Studies
101-HES Fa11 102-HES Fa11 485-EL Fa11