Recommended Courses

While there is not a required program of study to transfer into UMW, we do have a few recommended courses. Completing these courses will not guarantee you admission to the College. The courses we mention are not required for admission. Yet, if taken, they satisfy several UMW degree requirements and prepare you for UMW’s demanding program of study.

1. Take a college composition or writing course.

This course helps develop the writing skills necessary to be successful with UMW’s writing intensive program of study.
We recommend: ENG-111 “College Composition”

2. Take at least Finite Math or Calculus.

Precalculus mathematics courses will not complete the math requirement at UMW! Take “Math for Liberal Arts”, “Finite Math” or “Calculus” courses in order to complete the math requirement. Some “Statistics” courses will also count toward the math requirement.
We recommend:
MTH-151 & MTH 152, MTH 181 & MTH 182 or MTH 180 “Math for Liberal Arts” or “Finite Mathematics”
MTH-173; 174; 175; 176; 270; 271; 272; 273; 274 “Calculus”
MTH-146; 157; 240; 241; 243 “Statistics”

3. Start a lab science sequence.

In order to complete the science requirement at UMW, you need to take a lab science course in sequence. Part one of the course must be taken before part two (i.e. Biology I before Biology II). Furthermore, you must take the same discipline. You cannot split the sequence and take two disciplines (i.e. Biology I then Chemistry I — is not allowed).
We recommend any of the following sequences:
BIO-101 & 102 “General Biology”
CHM-101 & 102 or 111 & 112 “College Chemistry”
GOL-105 & 106 “Geology”
PHY-101 & 102 or 111 & 112 or 121 & 122 or 201 & 202 or 231 & 232 or 241 & 242 “Physics”

4. Start a foreign language.

All students at UMW in the BA/BS degree programs must show intermediate level foreign language competence by (1) completion of 202 or higher in a language including ASL; (2) a score of 620 or higher on any language SAT II subject test; (3) a score of 4 or higher on any language AP Exam or on any Language and Literature AP Exam; (4) a score of 5 or higher on any group 2 (second language) higher-level IB Exam; (5) a passing score on the UMW competency exam; (6) a rating of “Intermediate” on the Sigh Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI); (7) submitting pertinent documents which verify that a student has had a high school education conducted in a language other than English or has lived extensively in and become fluent in the language of a non-English-speaking country; or (8) achieving a score of 12 or higher on the exemption test administered by NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies.