The following tutorials will help to introduce you to using the online course schedule, resolving holds, and the registration process using myUMW.

Resolving Holds 

This tutorial will address common holds and steps to resolve the holds. Helpful for students who have holds on their account that prevent registration. (3:45)

Using the Online Course Schedule

This tutorial will show students how to use the online course schedule to find courses.  Helpful for students who are looking for tips on using the online course schedule system. (5:29)

Online Registration

This tutorial will show students how to register for courses using EagleNet. Very helpful for new students or students who may need a refresher. (7:45)

Registering for a Closed Section

This tutorial will show the process of requesting a “force add” to a closed course section. Helpful for students who may need to request a seat in a closed course. (2:34)

Degree Evaluations

This tutorial will show the steps to generate a degree evaluation using EagleNet. This valuable tool shows students their academic progress and can be useful during advising sessions. (4:55)