CLEP Equivalency Chart

 Equivalencies Effective as of June 2017


The College participates in this the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) , which is administered by College Board. Students in the BA/BS program may earn college credit through CLEP, provided the CLEP examinations have been taken before the student had gained degree-seeking status at UMW. BLS students are eligible for CLEP credit any time before earning 30 credits in alternative credit testing and before earning 90 transfer credits toward the degree.

CLEP is designed for the student who has gained knowledge in a subject area through means other than formal academic course work. The College grants credit for selected Subject Examinations if a score above the fiftieth (50%) percentile is achieved. Credit is not granted for any of the General examinations. Credits earned through CLEP can count toward the Major, General Education Program, or elective credit requirements. CLEP credits do not fulfill any Across-the-Curriculum requirements. Below is the CLEP Course Equivalency chart, effective as of Fall 2017.

CLEP Exam CLEP Score UMW Course UMW Credit Gen. Ed Intensive
American Government 50 PSCI-201 3 Human Experience & Society
American Literature 50 ENGL-NOTMJ 6
Analyzing and Intrepreting Literature 50 ENGL-NOTMJ 6
Biology 50 BIOL-128 3 Natural Science
Calculus 50 MATH-121 4 Quantitative Reasoning
Chemistry 50 CHEM-111 or CHEM-105A & 107A 7 or 4 Natural Science (105A & 107A Complete)
College Algebra N/A No Credit Awarded N/A N/A
College Composition 50 ENGL-101 & NOTMJ 6 Writing Intensive
College Composition Modular 50 ENGL-101 & NOTMJ 6 Writing Intensive
College Mathematics 50 MATH-110 & NOTMJ 6 Quantitative Reasoning
English Literature 50 ENGL-NOTMJ 6
Financial Accounting 50 ACCT-101 & 102 6
French Language I 50 FREN-101 & 102 6
French Language II 62 FREN-101,102,201A,202A 12 Completes Language Requirement
German Language I 50 GERM-101 & 102 6
German Language II 63 GERM-101,102, 201,202 12 Completes Language Requirement
History of the US I 50 HIST-131 3 Human Experience & Society
History of the US II 50 HIST-132 3 Human Experience & Society
Humanities 50 HUMA-NOTMJ or ELEC-NOTMJ 6
Human Growth & Development 50 SOCG-NOTMJ 3
Information Systems 50 CPSC-NOTMJ 3
Introduction Business Law 50 BLAW-201 3
Introduction to Educational Psychology 50 PSYC-NOTMJ 3
Introduction Psychology 50 PSYC-100 3 Human Experience & Society
Introduction to Sociology 50 SOCG-105 3 Human Experience & Society
Natural Science 50 EESC-NOTMJ 6
Pre-calculus 50 MATH-111 3
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 ECON-201B 3 Human Experience & Society
Principles of Microeconomics 50 ECON-202B 3 Human Experience & Society
Principles of Management 50 MGMT-NOTMJ 3
Principles of Marketing 50 MKTG-NOTMJ 3
Social Sciences and History 50 HIST-NOTMJ 3
Spanish Language I 50 SPAN-101 & 102 6
Spanish Language II 66 SPAN-101,102, 201A,202A 12 Completes Language Requirement
Western Civilization I 50 HIST-121 3 Human Experience & Society
Western Civilization II 50 HIST-122 3 Human Experience & Society OR Global Inquiry

*NOTMJ means: not major, general elective credit that will apply to the overall credits needed to graduate (120). These credits are not found equivalent to an one-to-one UMW course. These credits do not satisfy any requirements for the major unless a re-evaluation is submitted by the student. The NOTMJ course(s) also do not apply to the Gen-Ed requirements unless a re-evaluation is submitted by the Student to be re-evaluated by the Gen-Ed Committee. Although Modern Foreign Language courses transfer as general elective credit, they will satisfy the foreign language requirement.

**Guidelines Covering the Application and/or Deletion of Transfer Credits. The following provisions apply to transfer courses taken at other institutions.78

1. Transfer credits will be forfeited and removed from the record if the equivalent course or courses are completed at UMW or another institution (and transferred into UMW for credit).

2. Transfer credits are counted as completed credits toward graduation, and thus affect all decisions regarding probation, suspension, and dismissal.

3. A student may request the permanent deletion of transfer credits from his or her record at any time except when he or she is on disciplinary or honor suspension or after academic dismissal.