WCOnline Appointment Scheduling Instructions

*** If you have any questions please reach out to Speaking and Writing Center at 540-654-5653 or email umwswc@umw.edu ***

Scheduling Instructions:

Go to https://umw.mywconline.com. You will be taken to the usual UMW SSO page and then redirected. The first time you login you will be asked to register– after the first time, you will be taken directly to the Schedule page.

To book an appointment with a PAC or Peer Tutor, please click on the drop-down menu called, Schedules in the top left corner next to your name and select either Peer Academic Consulting or Peer Tutoring.

The screen will automatically change to display the consultants available for the current week. White spaces indicate open appointments. Click on a white space on the day and time you wish to make an appointment and the appointment form will open.

To find a tutor for a specific subject, under the Display Options white box, please click on the center drop-down menu labeled, Show all ‘Subject/Focus’ Options, and then select your specific class. The screen will change to display the consultants available for that subject.

Complete the questions on the appointment form; red asterisks indicate required fields.

At the bottom of the form, click the blue “Create Appointment” button. The appointment space should now be yellow on the screen to indicate that your appointment is scheduled.

If someone else has booked an appointment at a time you would like, you may put yourself on the waitlist by clicking on “Waiting List” below the schedule for the day and completing that form.  Should someone cancel an appointment for that day and time, you will be notified by email.

Wait lists are first come, first serve. The system will email everyone on the waitlist in the event that the appointment time opens and whomever “gets there first” will be able to schedule the appointment.

If you need to modify or cancel your appointment, you can return to the schedule, click on the yellow space, and change or cancel the appointment.