Transfer Student Guidelines

Grading Policies

Will the class transfer and apply to general education and appropriate degree requirements if grade of P+ is awarded ? (indicates student earned a C or better in course.) Yes, a P+ at a Virginia community college will transfer to UMW, provided as always there is an equivalent course at UMW, and satisfy elective, general education, and major coursework as appropriate.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course impact the student entering a competitive major? UMW has no competitive majors. Transfer students currently at UMW must earn a 2.5 between their first three business classes at UMW to be admitted to the College of Business.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course impact the student meeting a major requirement of a grade of B or higher? There are no UMW majors or minors with this requirement for a particular course.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course impact the GAA if it requires a letter grade higher than a  C on any courses? It will not impact a student negatively under UMW’s GAA.  We look at the cumulative GPA calculated by the Virginia community college. When UMW looks for courses that impact progression in a major or minor the P+ will be read as a C or better.

How will a grade of P+ on a spring course be treated if the course is a pre-req for a major-specific course that normally requires a minimum grade to enroll in the major course? Generally, courses for progression in UMW majors and minors require a C- or better. The P+ will be understood to be a C or better and acceptable for progression.

How will a grade of P+ (grade of C or better) or P- (grade of D) impact eligibility for the Transfer Grant? Eligibility for the College Transfer Grant is set forth in the application ( and is based upon the overall GPA, not individual grades.

Transfer Practices

When should I request my transcript? As early in the admission process as possible.  However, courses completed after the initial request should be followed up with a second transcript showing final grades and/or the award of the associate’s degree.

How will I register for my fall classes at the 4-year? Incoming UMW students will meet with an advisor in the Office of Academic Services.  Once that meeting takes place the student will register electronically.

When will I know if I am accepted at the 4-year? You will be notified by the Office of Admissions via email.

When will I know if I get housing at the 4-year? Transfer student room assignments will be made on a rolling basis as housing and dining applications are received.  At this time, Residence Life and Housing will be able to accommodate any transfer student who submits a housing application.

Is it too late to apply for financial aid? It is not too late to apply for financial aid, however you should fill out your FAFSA as soon as possible.  For questions please contact UMW Financial Aid at

What if my financial status has changed significantly, can I apply for more aid?  How? Reviews for changes in circumstances are available and all students who request such a review must complete the verification process and provide appropriate documentation. Please email the Office of Financial Aid at with your request and a brief explanation and we will follow-up with you individually.

What if I cannot pay my admissions deposit when it is due? If a student is not able to submit a deposit for financial reasons, they should contact the Office of Admissions ( or Jose Torres ( directly, to request an enrollment deposit deferral, to discuss extending the filing date, or to discuss partial deposit options.

Can I still submit an application to the 4-year? Yes, UMW will accept applications.  However, it is highly recommended that you apply as soon as you know you will likely attend UMW, in order to have the best opportunity to register for classes.

Can I request an unofficial evaluation of my transcript to see how credits will apply to my prospective major?  How? The best way to see how transfer credits will apply to your prospective major is to view the Transfer Equivalency Page on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Any additional transfer information you wish to include for your transfer students? Please contact Charles Tate, Director of Transfer Advising, at with any questions.