Modern Languages Placement Exams

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish

In order to move through the correct sequencing level of language courses at UMW, a placement exam is helpful in determining which level to start at.

This exam is only recommended for a language that has been previously studied in high school. If students plan to start with a new language they have never studied, they do not take a placement exam. In this case, please register for the 101 course in that language.


Exam Information:

Modern Foreign Languages: German class Dr. Marcel Rotter

Our placement exam is administered through Avant Assessment. New students will need to take the exam at home between mid-April and mid-June in 2024 after receiving an instructional email. Students who score high in the summer have to sign up to take another, proctored exam during the first week of the fall semester if they wish to seek exemption from the UMW language requirement. Otherwise, they can take the recommended course. If students are admitted after the above dates, they need to take the exam as soon as possible before their advising meeting so they can discuss their score during the advising meeting.


Taking Your Exam:

Access the Codes & Testing Site: Placement Exam

***Needs Net Id login***


Contact Information for Academic and Placement Questions:

Dr. Marcel P. Rotter, Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

For technical questions or problems with the functioning of the test itself, please visit our exam technical support page or contact the UMW Help Desk.
Phone:  540/654-2255

For additional information regarding UMW Language Requirement and Placement visit the Modern Languages and Literature UMW Language Requirement and Language Placement page.