Meet Our Tutors


Ashley Utz

Hi guys! My name is Ashley Utz, and I am a senior majoring in Biochemistry. I’ll be tutoring Bio 121-132 and 340, and possibly stats. Fun fact: I’m currently doing undergraduate research on apoptosis and microfluidics!

Bailey Bashara

My name is Bailey Bashara and I am a Biology major and Spanish/Neuroscience minor! I will be tutoring Stat 180 and Spanish 101-202. I lived in California for four years (8th grade-11th grade) before moving back to my hometown in Virginia Beach!


Kylie Sunamoto

Hi, my name is Kylie! I’m a senior planning to major in biology, which I will also be tutoring for. Fun facts: I think sharks are really fascinating and I am also a dancer!

David Miller

Hello! I’m David Miller, and I am a Computer Science and Biology double major. I’ll be a tutor for the CPSC 110/220.  I was an Orientation Leader over the summer and am an RA in Virginia last year!

Lauren Westendorf

Hey guys! I’m Lauren Westendorf, I’m a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Social Justice. I’m tutoring Political Science 101 and 102,  and I love Criminal Minds and game of Thrones. My favorite animal is a narwhal, and I enjoy chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.



Justin Mittereder

Hello! My name is Justin Mittereder, and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science and Economics. I will be tutoring CPSC 110 & 220. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough, and I am learning how to play the guitar.

Kate Safian

Hi, my name is Kate Safian! I am a senior, Math major, Spanish minor, and am in the Secondary Education program. This semester, I am tutoring Math 100s courses. I like shopping, doing Zumba, and vacationing at lakes.

Rebecca Kellam

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca and I’m a junior majoring in historic preservation and minoring in French. I will be tutoring French 101- 202. A fun fact about me is that so far all the places I have worked have a some connection to George Washington. I worked at Kenmore (home of George Washington’s sister) during my freshman and sophomore years, and the summer after my freshman year I worked at Mount Vernon (his estate). It’s a stretch, but tutoring counts because UMW is named after George Washington’s mom!

Matt Nelson

Hi! I’m Matt Nelson and I am a Classics and Linguistics double major. I’ll be tutoring Latin 101-202 this year (although I can’t promise I’ll show up to anything wearing the toga in my picture). My fun fact is my first job ever was at the public library in Fredericksburg when I was 16 and I still go there to study because of all the secret-ish nooks and crannies I found while shelving books.

Aspen Aston

Hello, I’m Aspen! I am a senior economics major and will be tutoring macro and micro principles. A fun fact about me is I just adopted a puppy! 🙂

Rory Black

Hi! My name is Rory. I am majoring in Math and minoring in Applied Statistics. I will be tutoring STAT 180. A fun fact about me is I can solve a Rubik’s cube. I can’t do it in 10 seconds or anything crazy like that, but I can solve it!