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Academic Advising Handbook

The university’s Academic Advising Handbook is designed as a “best practices” guide for the myriad of advising situations which you might encounter as an academic advisor. Our goal is to create a positive and uniform advising experience for all students regardless of their particular situation and background.

Academic Advising Handbook 2019-2020

EAB Navigate

We are here to assist you in your use of EAB Navigate!

EAB Navigate functions as a repository for your advising reports, provides a platform for online appointment management and scheduling with students, and offers you access to powerful data analytics. Below are some workshop opportunities and PDF material which might benefit you in your support of students.

Video guide for running a Campaign:

Setting Availability, Campaign Setup, Advanced Search, and Running a Campaign  (Video review of the Campaign process from beginning to end including availability, student selection, messaging, management, and reporting your advising notes.)

Explore our Navigate PDF guides on how-to:

Enter Campaign Availability and Run a Campaign (Actively reach out to specific students for scheduling an appointment with you through CAMPAIGNS. This function is great for REGISTRATION ADVISING.)

Add Appointment Summaries and Report on Appointments (Takes the place of NOTES and serves as an official advising record.)

Enter Appointments and Drop-ins Availability (Digitally post your OFFICE HOURS and control when and for what reason(s) a student may meet with you.)

Sync Outlook with the EAB Calendar (Get your work calendar talking to the EAB calendar to safeguard your schedule from double-booking.)

Execute an Advanced Search and Advanced Search – Expanded Guide (Helpful for identifying subgroups of students based on specific criteria.)

Text Message a Student (Helpful to quickly contact an individual student with highly targeted, must-respond information or question.)

Download Tutoring Attendance and Reports (Check to see if your students are getting tutored and what their tutors are saying.)

Track Class Attendance


FERPA Information

If you would like to see additional resources provided or topics covered, then please let us know. All content and user related questions should be emailed to Academic Services at advise@umw.edu. Forward all technical questions to the University Help Desk at helpdesk@umw.edu or call 540-654-2255.