EAB Navigate Resources

We are excited to bring EAB Navigate, a new advising tool, to Mary Washington!

Faculty Open Labs for Fall 2019:

  • TBD – Please reach out to Samuel Shortt (sshortt@umw.edu) or Wes Hillyard (rhill5ch@umw.edu) to explore one-on-one training opportunities.

Explore our Navigate guides on how-to:

Enter Campaign Availability and Run a Campaign (Great for Registration Advising and actively reaching out to students!)

Add Appointment Summaries and Report on Appointments (Takes the place of NOTES and serves as an official advising record.)

Set your Availability and Schedule Appointments

Execute an Advanced Search (Helpful for identifying subgroups of students based on specific criteria!)

Download Tutoring Attendance and Reports (Check to see if your students are getting tutored and what their tutors are saying.)

Track Class Attendance


FERPA Information

If you would like to see additional resources provided or topics covered, then please let us know. All content and user related questions should be emailed to Samuel Shortt at sshortt@umw.edu. Forward all technical questions to the University Help Desk at ext. 2255.