A student is placed on probation whenever the student’s overall cumulative UMW GPA falls below 2.00. Students on probation who achieve an overall cumulative UMW GPA of 2.00 or higher at the conclusion of either the fall or spring semester will be removed from probation. Any student previously on probation whose overall cumulative UMW GPA falls again below a 2.00 at the conclusion of either the fall or spring semester will remain on probation.  As appropriate, a notation of the student’s probation status is entered on the student’s permanent record. A student placed on “academic probation” may continue to participate in any extracurricular opportunities offered by the institution except those activities that require a specific GPA threshold.

Important Things to Know About Probation:

  • No student can be academically suspended after only one semester at the University.
  • You will not be notified via letter of your probation status.
  • Students are encouraged to review their status at the end of each semester via EagleNet.
  • A student placed on academic probation is expected to consult with his or her academic advisor no later than the first week of the ensuing semester.
  • Study Skills Workshops are available to aid in the evaluation of priorities.