Suspension Appeal

A student whose Academic Standing has fallen into suspension may appeal their case to the Committee on Academic Standing for review and possible reinstatement.

All suspension appeals for Spring 2021 are due by no later than Friday, June 4, 2021 by 5:00 PM.

In addition to the below electronic suspension appeal form, please remember to submit any supplemental, supporting documentation to

The Committee on Academic Standing will meet to review appeals and their decision will be communicated via your university email by 5:00 PM on Friday, June 11, 2021. Check your university email for your decision letter.


Reinstatement from Suspension

Students wishing to be reinstated from suspension for the coming term must fill out the following information and copy their appeal into this form. It is recommended that the appeal and academic plan are typed in a word processing software and reviewed prior to inputting into the submission form. Any supporting documentation should be emailed to THIS APPEAL IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO PLEAD YOUR CASE TO THE COMMITTEE CONCERNING YOUR REINSTATEMENT. DECISIONS ARE FINAL. YOU SHOULD CONSIDER SUBMITTING ANY AND ALL PERTINENT DOCUMENTATION IN SUPPORT OF YOUR APPEAL. PLEASE SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THE CONTENT AND SUBSTANCE OF YOUR NARRATIVE RESPONSES. Call Academic Services at 540-654-1010 or email with questions.
  • This is your nine digit identifier with UMW that begins with three zeros?
  • Please craft a narrative in which you detail your academic record leading up to suspension and the cause(s) of your poor academic performance. Whether these causes are personal or external, write about the steps which you have taken and are taking to resolve these struggles. How have you navigated your life successfully since your last course load? What has changed to allow you to succeed where once you struggled? If you are submitting additional documentation, then please send it by email to
  • Please also outline the steps which you will take if reinstated to improve your academic performance at UMW. Include details such as classes you plan to take or retake, academic goals such as graduation date and declaration of major as well as a thoughtful analysis of healthy faculty, staff, or peer relationships in which you plan to invest to achieve academic success.