SI Course Expectations

Expectations of Speaking Intensive Courses

Some suggestions for new course proposals

When reviewing new course proposals, there are several characteristics that the Speaking Intensive Committee looks for. While every course is different, and each has its own needs, SI courses will typically include the following:

  • at least three SI-related assignments, including presentations, discussions, or listening assignments
  • SI-related assignments should be distributed throughout the semester and should build upon one another
  • students are provided with clear guidance on their assignment, and evaluation criteria are given (with an evaluation form provided if possible)

Learning Outcomes for SI Courses

The following learning outcomes apply to all SI courses, and should be listed on course syllabi:

  • Students will understand and be able to explain the conventions and expectations of oral communication as practiced within the discipline of the course taken.
  • Students will apply theories and strategies for crafting messages (verbal, nonverbal, and visual) for particular audiences and purposes.
  • Students will be able to craft oral messages after a conscious process in which various options are reviewed and will be able to explain and support their choices.
  • Students will be able to metacommunicate about their own communication patterns.

New Speaking Intensive Course Proposals

If you are interested in having your course designated as Speaking Intensive, submit your proposal (with supporting materials) to the committee using CIM.

Click here for an overview of the proposal process.

Please contact Adria Goldman, SI Program Director (, or any SI Committee member with questions. We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Common Questions

What should an SI course include?

Speaking Intensive courses should include at least three SI-related assignments, guidance and instruction in preparing for those assignments, and a clear evaluation procedure to provide students with feedback about their work.

Do the assignments have to be presentations? 

No. While the most common type of SI assignment is a presentation, other assignments may include leading class discussion, debates, class discussion, and group presentations and group decision-making. As long as the assignment provides the student with the opportunity to develop their oral communication skills, it will likely work as an SI assignment.

What should I include with my proposal?

The SI committee is interested in helping you develop your SI course, and is happy to support your work in any way we can. Please include a copy of the course syllabus with your proposal and any other materials that would be helpful for the committee’s review. In considering your proposal, we appreciate any materials that will help us better understand your course, the assignments related to its SI designation, how that work will be evaluated, and what instruction will be provided to students as they prepare their work.