Settings for Group Presentations



You’ll need to make a number of decisions about setting up the space for your presentation. Because these items seem so trivial, they’re often either neglected or handled without much thought. The result of inattention to these matters is that your presentation will have unanticipated awkward moments — all of which could have been easily avoided with a little planning!

1. Where will group members place themselves in relationship to the audience?

2. Will group members stand to speak, or speak from their seats?

3. When one person is speaking, where will the other group members be? Will they be standing or sitting? Where? (It’s a good idea to be sure than non- speaking members are not placed where they’ll be distracting to the speaker and the audience.)

4. How do you want the audience arranged?

5. Where will the group’s visual aids be placed? Does the group have the necessary items (easels, tape, extension cords, etc.) so that all visuals can be properly set up?

6. Which group member, or members, will be responsible for “technical support”? (Who operates the VCR, if you’re using one? Who turns the lights on and off — if lighting needs to be changed? Who distributes handouts? etc.)

7. Are there any special “props” that the group will use to create an attractive discussion environment? If so, who is bringing what to the presentation? Does everyone know when to arrive with those materials?

8. Does the group have an organized plan to set up for the presentation in a way that will not take too much time? (It’s not a good idea to fumble around while your audience is waiting to begin.)

9. How will the group “clean up” after the presentation? (Another class will use the room after you, so put everything back to the way it was at the start of your class.