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Assessing Listening Proficiency

Assessing Speaking and Listening Competency at the College Level

Assessing Speaking and Listening Performance

Assessment of Oral Communication Competency in the Undergraduate General
Education Curriculum

Avoiding Bias in the Assessment of Communication Skills

Basic Communication Fidelity

Beliefs About “Good” Public Speaking

Bibliography on Communication Competence and Public Speaking Assessment

The Boyer Commission

Case Studies in Science


The “CBI II”

Characteristics and Skills of a Motivating Instructor

Classroom Environments

Communication Apprehension Intervention

Communication Assessment Instruments and Procedures in Higher Education

Communication Competence

Communication Competence for Teachers

Communication Competence: Model and Approach

Communication Competence: The Elusive Construct

Communication Correlates of College Success

Communication is Life

A Comparative Analysis of Training Models for Implementing Oral
Communication Across the Curriculum

A Comparative Analysis of Training Models Versus Consulting/Training Models
for Implementing Oral Communication Across the Curriculum

The Competent Group Communicator

The Competent Speaker

“The Competent Speaker”

The Competent Speaker Assessment Instruments

“The Competent Speaker” Assessment Instrument

“The Competent Speaker” Assessment Instrument: Its Nature and Rationale

“The Competent Speaker” Speech Evaluation Form

A Comprehensive Program for Assessing the Development of Public Speaking

The Comprehensive Speech Communication Laboratory

A Conceptual Framework


Conference Maketh a Ready Person

Confident Speaking

Consensus Groups

Coping with Public Speaking Anxiety

Correlates of Speaking Skills in the United States

Creating Quality Class Discussion

Critiquing Speeches

Cross/Angelo’s Classroom Assessment Techniques Applied in the Basic Speech

Dealing With Difficult Students


Debating to Learn Across the Curriculum

A Delightful Couple

Designing Discussions or Group Inquiry

Dimensions and Perceived Helpfulness of Student Speech Criticism

Discussion Method Teaching

The Dreaded Discussion

The Effects of an Oral Performance Rating Scale on a General Education Program

Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Communication Apprehension and Avoidance

Evaluating and Grading Speeches

Evaluating Classroom Speaking

Evaluating Public Speech

Evaluation and Criticism

Evaluation and Feedback

Evaluation and Grading

Faculty Behaviors and Student Participation

The Faculty Development Component of Speaking Across the Curriculum

The First Speech

Giving Effective Feedback

Grading Seminar Performance

A Handbook for the Study of Human Communication

Helping Students to Become Better Interpersonal Communicators

History of the Speech Communication Association’s Effort and Present Role of the
Committee on Assessment and Testing

How Do Teachers Communicate?

How to Develop a Competency-Based Speech Communication Laboratory
Assessment Program

How to Develop Your Own Collegiate Assessment Program

How to Form Groups

How to Use Media

The Implementation of a Large-Scale Program of Systematic Desensitization for
Communication Apprehension

Implementing a Skills Training Program for Reticent Communicators

Implementing Speaking Across the Curriculum

Improving Discussions

Improving Discussions

Improving Instructors’ Speaking Skills

Improving Listening Skills

Improving Speaking and Listening Skills

Improving Speech Communication Skills

Integrating Communication Across the Curriculum

Interactive Video Instruction

Interactive Video Instruction for Teaching Organizational Techniques in Public

An Introduction to Oral Communication Across the Curriculum

The Introductory Communication Course

An Investigation of Reliability and Validity of Classroom Speech Evaluation

Joining Speaking, Writing, and Peer Tutoring

Judgments of Interpersonal Competence

Leading Discussion in a Lecture Course

Leading Group Discussion

Learn Philosophy as Plato Did- Not by Reading but by Conversing

Leda and the Swan Exercise

Listen to Teach, Talk to Learn

Listening and Evaluating

Locked Apart, Brought Together/The Power of the Speech Writing Relationship

The Memorable Lecture

Meta-Analysis of Self-Report Data on the Effectiveness of Public Speaking
Anxiety Treatment Techniques

Methods of Assessing Speaking and Listening Skills

Models of Collaborative Learning

Near-Peer Tutoring

A New Framework for Developing Classroom Questions
“Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave”

Oral Communication Across the Curriculum in Higher Education

Oral Communication Across the Curriculum in Higher Education: Assessment,
Recommendations, and Implications for the Speech Communication Discipline

Oral Communication Across the Curriculum: Designing, Implementing, and
Assessing a University Wide Program

Oral Communication Apprehension and Avoidance

Oral Communication in the Undergraduate General Education Curriculum

Oral Communication-Intensive Course(s) As Part of the General Education

Oral Communication-Intensive Courses as Part of the General Education

Oral Presentation in the Composition Classroom

Overcoming Communication Anxiety

Pendulum Exercise

Performance Evaluation and Constructive Criticism

Perspectives on Talk and Talk and Learning

Preparing and Delivering an Oral Presentation

Preparing Material for Oral Presentation

Prescriptive Discussion Group Patterns

Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning

Public Speaking Assignments

The Public Speaking Course

Questioning in the College Classroom

Questions That Affect Student Achievement

Recommendations for Assessing Speaking and Listening Skills

Research on Questioning and Discussion

A Review of Experimental Studies of Interactive Video Instruction in Oral

Rhetoric at the University of Iowa Combining the Oral and Written Modes

Self-Confrontation and Public Speaking Apprehension

The Silenced Dialogue

Small Group Communication Performance Assessment Rubrics

Small Group Discussion in Philosophy 101

Speak and Write: Write and Speak

Speaking Across the Curriculum

Speaking and Listening Across the Curriculum

Speaking-Intensive Faculty Development Workshops

Speech Criticism

The Speech Improvement Chart

Speech Improvement Chart Principles

Standards for Effective Oral Communication Programs

The Student as Speaker

The Student as a Communication Tutor

Student-Developed Case Studies

Taking the Terror Out of Talk


Teachers’ Classroom Strategies Should Recognize that Men and Women Use
Language Differently

Teaching a Diverse Student Body

Teaching at the University of Virginia

Teaching Decision Making With Guided Design

Teaching Experimental Psychology as an Oral Communication-Intensive Course

Teaching Market Research as an Oral Communication-Intensive Course

Teaching Oral Presentations in the Business Communication Course

Teaching Speech Communication Skills

Teaching Through Discussions

Those Unwelcome Group Members

Tips on Using Case Studies

To Question or not to Question During Discussion

To Sit Down Beside

Transforming General Education from Remedy to Reality

Tulips, Tinfoil, and Teaching

Using Interactive Video Instruction to Enhance Public Speaking Instruction

Using Small Group Activities

The Validity and Reliability of a Performance Test of Interpersonal
Communication Proficiency

The Validity of Communication Competence Assessment Instruments

The Validity of the Communication Competency Assessment Instrument

What’s There to Fear in the Boyer’s Commission Report

Why Speech is “Basic”

With Open Ears

Women Faculty at Work in the Classroom, or Why it Still Hurts to be a Women in Labor