Public Speaking



-The Challenge of Effective Speaking

-Com-Comp: Our Silent Language: An Introduction to Nonverbal Communication

-Communication Probes


-Communicating in Small Groups : Instructor’s Manual Confidence in Public Speaking

-Flip Charts

-Listening Styles Profile

-Listen Up Learning Activities
–MODCOM Critical Anthology of Public Speeches
–Fundamentals of Evidence and Argument
–Fundamentals of Persuasive Speaking
–The Nature of Human Communication
–The Orientation to Nonverbal Communication
–Orientations to Public Communication
–Orientations to Rhetorical Style
–Orientations to Speech Critics
–An Overview of Speech Preparation
–An Overview of Speaking Situations

-The 1996 Annual Volume 1 Training

-101 Ways to Make Training Active

-Principles of Speech Communication

-Public Communication

-Public Speaking

-Public Speaking

-Public Speaking (2nd edition)

-Public Speaking (2nd edition) Instructor’s Manual

-Public Speaking in Action

-Rhetoric and Human Understanding

-Speech Communication (3rd edition)

-Speech Communication Instructor’s Manual

-Speech Communication

-Speech-Interpersonal Communication

-Speak With Confidence (3rd edition) Instructor’s Manual

-Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness