Videos Online

The following videos are available for viewing at the Speaking Center:

The Art of Public Speaking Fifth Edition (Speeches for Analysis and Discussion)

The Art of Public Speaking Fourth Edition (Speeches for Analysis and Discussion)

Be Prepared to Speak

Between One and Many: The Art and Science of Public Speaking

Communicating Non-Defensively – Communication Competency Assessment Instrument

Coping with the Fear of Public Speaking

From Paper to Podium: The Elements of Public Speaking

Groups in Context (third edition)


Interpersonal Communication Skills volume 1

Interpersonal Communication Skills volume 2

Interpersonal Communication Skills volume 3

Interpersonal Communication Skills volume 4


Listen Up; Hear What’s Really Being Said

Mastering Public Speaking Video: A Student Speech with Critiques

Meeting Robberts

Power Persuasion: Moving an Ancient Art into the Media Age (second edition)

Powerful Presentation Skills

Presidential Candidates Debates

Public Speaking for Success

Public Speaking in Action

Public Speaking in a Diverse Society

Speaking Effectively … to One or One Thousand

Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness volume 1

Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness volume 2

Student Speeches to Accompany Mastering Public Speaking

Ted Sorenson on Speech Writing

When Its Your Turn To Speak: Guidelines for Oral Presentations (by John Morello)

Preparing for your First In-Class Presentation (by Anand Rao) – available online. Click link on the left.