Speaking Intensive Course List – courses approved by the SI committee


through Spring 2019

Designations are determined by the department for each semester and for each section.  See schedule listing for each semester.  This is only a historical listing of committee approvals for courses to be taught with designation. You can also view this list in the attached PDF

AMST 201 SI F’08 all instructors
AMST 202 SI all instructors F’17
AMST 203 SI All instructors F’17, was AMST 202
AMST 204 SI All instructors F’17, was AMS 202
AMST 300 SI Crawley  F’01
AMST 303 SI all instructors F’17
AMST 303A SI all instructors F’17
AMST 303B SI all instructors F’17
AMST 305 SI all instructors F’17, was AMST 303
ANTH 200 SI Gable  SP’06 (now ANTH 298 F’11)
ANTH 298 SI Gable F’11 (was ANTH 200 SP’06); all instructors F’13
ANTH 317 SI Huber  SP’01
ANTH 322A SI Huber
ANTH 480 SI Huber  SP’05
ANTH 481 SI all instructors, SP’09
ARTH 303 SI Och  SP’99
ARTH 331A SI Och  SS’01
ARTH 332A SI Och  SP’99
ARTH 450B SI Dabb, SP’07
ARTH 460 SI Och
ARTH 491 SI Dabb SP’12
ARTH 492 SI Dabb SP’12
ARTS 331B SI Garmon  SP’02
ARTS 332A SI Garmon  SP’02
ARTS 342 SI DiBella F‘07 was 344A
ARTS 344A SI DiBella  SP’02 now 342
ARTS 474 SI Garmon,  F’08
BIOL 203 SI Barra F’05, was 271B
BIOL 203 SI All instructors F’17, was 271B
BIOL 260 SI Loesser & Hydorn SP ’11
BIOL 271B SI Barra  SS’99
BIOL 271B SI Hughes  SS’99
BIOL 430 SI Grana SP’17
BIOL 451 SI All instructors, F’97
BIOL 471 SI Grana, F’18
BIOL 471V SI Grana SP’13
BIOL 472 SI Wynn F’17
BUAD 350 SI Oxford  F’05
BUAD 350 SI Scanlon, F’05
BUAD 414 SI Creque SP’09 ONLY
BUAD 414 SI Klayton-Mi- Deleted F’09
BUAD 417 SI Gentry F’14
BUAD 420 SI Oxford  SP’09
BUAD 426 SI Hawkinson F’11
BUAD 473A SI deGraff  SP’01
CHEM 388A SI Giancarlo  SP’03
CHEM 453 SI All instructors SP’12
CHEM 453 SI Crissman, F’03
CHEM 453 SI Giancarlo, F’03
CHEM 453 SI Gratz, F’03
CHEM 453 SI Scott, F’03
CHEM 453 SI Slunt  F’03
CHIN SI all instructors F’17
CHIN 300A SI Causarano SP’16
CHIN 300B SI all instructors SP’17
CHIN 300D SI Causurano F’ 18
CLASS 351 SI Pitts F’17
CLAS 352B SI Gosetti-Murrayjohn, F’06,
CLAS 352B SI Schneider F’06
CLAS 390 SI Houghtalin  SP’03
COMM 205 SI All instructors  F’08, was SPCH 205 F‘08
COMM 206 SI All instructors F’08, was SPCH 206, F’08
COMM 207 SI All instructors  SS’03, was SPCH 207, F’08 now ENGL 207 F’10
COMM 209 SI All instructors, F’08, was SPCH 209A, F’08
COMM 350 SI All instructors, F ‘08, was SPCH 310, F’08
COMM 351 SI Morello, was SPCH 311A, F’08
COMM 352 SI O’Donnell  SP’06, was SPCH 370J, F ’08
COMM 353 SI Rao  F’04, was SPCH 370H, F’08
COMM 354 SI Rao  F’03, was  SPCH 370F, F’08
COMM 355 SI O’Donnell  SP’04, was SPCH 370G
COMM 356 SI O’Donnell F’01, was SPCH 370E, F’08
COMM 370 SI All suffixes, All instructors, F‘08
COMM 481 SI F ’08 all instructors was SPCH 470
COMM 482 SI F ’08 all instructors was SPCH 470
COMM 491 SI Rao, F’08 , was SPCH 491
CPSC 103 SI All instructors  F’05
CPSC 270 SI Zaidman F’07
CPSC 302 SI Polack  SS’01; all instructors SU 10
CPSC 310 SI Polack-Wahl SP’08; all instructors F’10
CPSC 348 SI Ackermann, F’09 was 370K
CPSC 348 SI Anewalt F’09 was 370K
CPSC 370K SI Ackermann, SP’04-SP ’08 now 348
CPSC 370K SI Anewalt  SP’04- SP ’08 now 348
CPSC 370M SI All instructors  SP’05
CPSC 390 SI Polack  F’01, now 430
CPSC 390 SI All instructors  SP’05, now 430
CPSC 430 SI all instructors F’07, was 390
ECON 300 SI All instructors  SP’05
ECON 300 SI Greenlaw F’99
ECON 300 SI Ray F’99
ECON 351C SI Rycroft  F’99
ECON 354A SI Ray  SP’00
ECON 431 SI Gotwalt, F’02 ONLY
ECON 431 SI Ray, F’02 ONLY
ECON 488C SI Polska, (crosslisted: HIST 200K & INAF 471A)
ECON 488C SI Ray,  (crosslisted: HIST 200K & INAF 471A)
ECON 488C SI Ryan (crosslisted: HIST 200K & INAF 471A)
ECON 490A SI Humphrey SP’17
ECON 490B SI Ray,  F’08; Schilling SP’16
ECON 491 SI Ray, SP‘08
EDUC 373 SI Clayton F’12
EDUC 420D SI Atwell-Vasey  F’01
EDUC 420D SI McCall  F’01
EDUC 440 SI All suffixes, all instructors  F’00
EESC 330 SI Szulczewski F’14
EESC 421V SI Frankel F’ 19
EESC 460 SI Bass SP’02, all instructors S’ 19
ENGL 205 SI C. Smith  F’97
ENGL 205 SI McAllister  SP’00
ENGL 206A SI Gillespie  SP’01
ENGL 206A SI Harding  SP’00
ENGL 206A SI L. Tracy  SP’02 ONLY
ENGL 206A SI Scanlon  F’01
ENGL 206A SI Scolaro  F’02
ENGL 206A SI Scolaro  SP’02 ONLY
ENGL 206A SI Dasgupta F’13
ENGL 207 SI All instructors  SS’03, was SPCH 207, F’08 was COMM 207 F’10
ENGL 306B SI Hawkinson-Melkun  F’98
ENGL 307 SI Rochelle  SP’06
ENGL 325 SI McAllister F’14
ENGL 326 SI McAllister F’17
ENGL 351 SI Gillespie  SP’01-F’10
ENGL 351 SI Singer  F’01-F’10
ENGL 356 SI Rigsby
ENGL 371 SI Scanon, F’15
ENGL 376JJ SI Scanlon, SP10
ENGL 390* SI LaBreche F’19
ENGL 415 SI McAllister  F’00
ENGL 415K SI McAllister  F’00
ENGL 415K SI Rochelle  SP’02
ENGL 445 SI McAllister  F’00
ENGL 474 SI G. Campbell  SP’03
FREN 312 SI All instructors  SP’03
FREN 312 SI Gaines  SP’02
FREN 312 SI Koos  SP’01
FREN 481 (all) SI All suffixes and instructors SP’01
GEOG 299 SI Bowen  F’03
GEOG 299 SI Fouberg  SP’03
GEOG 299 SI Patterson  SP’05
GEOG 299 SI Rouhani  SP’03
GEOG 333 SI Walker F’14
GEOG 335 SI Finlayson F’17
GEOG 360M SI Finlayson Summer 19
GEOG 363 SI Rouhani F’10
GEOG 490 ALL SI D. Bowen  SP’00, Fouberg  SP’02, Hanna  F’01, Nicholas  SP’05, Patterson  F’05, Rouhani  SP’04, all instructors F’10
GEOL 221A SI Whipkey  F’05
GEOL 335 SI Woodwell  SP’01
GERM 313 SI Rotter, SP’06
GERM 375A SI Niebuhr  SS’01
GERM 385 SI Rotter  SP’05
GERM 394 SI Hansen-Glucklich F’17
GREK 451 SI Pitts SP’17
HISP 206 SI Stanton  SP’03
HISP 209 SI Smith F’17
HISP 320 SI Turdean SP’13, McMillan SP’ 19
HIST 200K SI Poska ,(crosslisted:  ECON 488C & INAF 471A)
HIST 200K SI Ray, (crosslisted:  ECON 488C & INAF 471A)
HIST 200K SI Ryan (crosslisted:  ECON 488C & INAF 471A)
HIST 297 SI All instructors SP’13
HIST 298 SI All instructors SP’13
HIST 299 SI All instructors SP’07
HIST 299 SI al-Tikriti F’06
HIST 299 SI Blakemore, F’97
HIST 299 SI Crawley F’97
HIST 299 SI Fernsebner SP’05
HIST 299 SI Ferrell, F’97
HIST 299 SI McClurken  SP’04
HIST 299 SI O’Brien, F’97
HIST 299 SI Poska, F’97
HIST 299 SI Warner F’97
HIST 300KK SI Ferrell F’14
HIST 300VV SI Ferrell F’15
HIST 300Z SI Ferrell SP’14
HIST 313 SI Ferrell  SS’02
HIST 314 SI Ferrell  SS’02
HIST 320 SI Ferrell  F’01
HIST 320 WI F’01
HIST 321 SI Ferrell  SP’02
HIST 380 SI Ferrell  SP’02
HIST 390A SI Ferrell
HIST 416 SI Ferrell  F’01
HIST 417 SI Ferrell  F’01
HIST 435 SI Poska SP’02
HIST 444 SI Crawley  SP’03
HIST 471A2 SI Stanton  SP’06
HIST 471B5 SI Poska, SP’07
HIST 471D4 SI Moon, F’10
HIST 471E5 SI Ferrell F’13
HIST 471V SI Ferrell  SP’00
IDIS 300A SI Hawkinson-Melkun (cross-listed:  ENGL 306B)
IDIS 300L SI Fillerup SP’11
INAF 471A SI Poska (crosslisted:  ECON 488C & HIST 200K)
LATN 305 SI Hatch,  SP’99
LATN 305 SI Houghtalin  SP’99
LATN 305 SI all instructors F’11
LATN 307 SI Hatch  SP’99,
LATN 307 SI Houghtalin  SP’99
LATN 307 SI Romero F’00
LATN 307 SI all instructors F’04
LING 202 SI Kakava  SP’04
LING 301A SI Parker  F’99
LING 302 SI Kakava
LING 305A SI Kakava  SP’01
LING 305A SI Parker  SP’01
LING 307 SI Kakava  SP’04
LING 307 SI Kennedy SP 09 ONLY
LING 470 (all) SI Kakava, SP’01
LING 470 (all) SI Parker  SP’01
LING 480 SI Kakava, F’05  was 470C
LING 480 SI Parker  F’05  was 470C
MATH 110 SI Dean  F’98
MATH 110 SI Pasto  SP’04 ONLY
MATH 110 SI Sheckels  F’98
MATH 115A SI All instructors  SP’03
MATH 210 SI Hydorn  SP’02; now MATH 280 F’11
MATH 280 SI Hydorn  SP’02; was MATH 210 F’11
MATH 321 SI Lehman  SP’98
MATH 325 SI Mellinger  SP’05
MATH 330 SI Edmunds  F’04
MATH 351A SI Hydorn   SP’98
MUED 100 SI Bartram, SP’07
MUED 170 SI Bartram, F’04
MUHL 362 SI M. Fickett  SP’03
MUHL 490 SI Snyder F’15
MUPR 348 SI Bartram  F’04
MUTH 370 SI Long  SS’01
MUTH 490 SI all instructors, SP ’09
MUTH 490 SI Norwood-deleted SP ’09
NURS 320 SI All instructors F’14
NURS 490 SI All instructors F’15
PHIL 100 SI Ambuel, (Nails)
PHIL 210 SI Rosenlee  F’04
PHIL 220 SI Vasey  SS’03; all instructors SP’13
PHIL 303 SI Vasey  SP’01
PHIL 342 SI Vasey  SS’01
PHIL 343 SI Vasey  SP’04
PHIL 350 SI SP’06
PHYS 412 SI Atalay  SP’02
PHYS 482 SI King F09
PSCI 147B4 SI Gupta SP’17
PSCI 291 SI Farnsworth  SP’01 now 391 SP10
PSCI 313 SI Cooperman SP’17
PSCI 351 SI F09 Gupta
PSCI 354A SI Gupta, SP ’11
PSCI 367 SI Freund-Larus  SP’02
PSCI 370 SI Cooperman  SP’04
PSCI 391 SI Farnsworth  SP’01 was 291 SP10
PSCI 444 SI Barr, SP’07, was PSCI 471P1 F”08
PSCI 471B3 SI Cooperman F’14
PSCI 471P1 SI Barr, SP’07, now PSCI 444 F’08
PSCI 471Y1 SI Gupta F’13
PSYC 315 SI Liss SU ’10
PSYC 318 SI Kilmartin
PSYC 320 SI Schiffrin, F ‘08
PSYC 331 SI Moeller  SP’01
PSYC 339 SI Erchull F’07
PSYC 350 SI Erchull F’06
PSYC 350 SI Liss  SP’05
PSYC 362 SI Schiffrin, SP’07
PSYC 362 SI Erchull SU 12
PSYC 375 SI Kolar SP ‘08
PSYC 375 SI McBride  SP’01,
PSYC 394 SI R. Smith  SP’98
PSYC 411 SI SU 12
PSYC 412 SI SU12
PSYC 413 SI SU 12
PSYC 414 SI SU12
PSYC 470A7 SI Erchull, SP’09
PSYC 470ZZ SI Schiffrin  SP ‘08
PSYC 491 SI All instructors  SP’03-SP12
PSYC 492 SI All instructors SU12
RELG 251 SI Mathews, SP ‘08
RELG 298 SI Hirshberg F’17
RELG 304 SI Mathews F’13
RELG 331CC SI Mathews SP’13
RELG 383 SI Hirshberg, Summer 19
SOCG 304 SI Marsh  SS’08
SOCG 365 SI Citeroni, F’10
SOCG 404 SI Marsh  SP’05
SOCG 415 SI Schleef  SP’02
SOCG 440 SI Martin F’14
SPAN 201A SI Locke SU ’09
SPAN 201A SI Mira  SU ’09
SPAN 310 SI Martinez-Mira  SP’06
SPAN 314 SI All instructors, SP’07
SPAN 314 SI Chichester  F’00
SPAN 314 SI Martinez F’05 ONLY
SPAN 314 SI Riegger  F’02
SPAN 314 SI Yudin  F’00
SPAN 318 SI All instructors  SP ‘08
SPAN 318 SI Burrell  SP’99
SPAN 318 SI Chichester  SP’00
SPAN 318 SI Figueroa  SP’04 ONLY
SPAN 318 SI Guedri  S’06
SPAN 318 SI Lewis  SP’03
SPAN 318 SI Reitsma  F’04 and SP’05 ONLY
SPAN 318 SI Riegger  SP’01
SPAN 318 SI Sainz  SP’03
SPAN 318 SI Socarras  F’04 ONLY
SPAN 318 SI Voisard  F’05 ONLY
SPAN 318 SI Voisard SP’06
SPAN 320A SI Burrell  SS’02
SPAN 393 SI Sainz  F’05
SPAN 393 SI Sainz  SP’05 ONLY
SPAN 393 SI Yudin  SP’99, Campos Dintrans SP’ 19
SPAN 415 SI all instructors SP’11
SPAN 415 SI Locke, SP’07
SPAN 415 SI Molina  SP’05 ONLY
SPAN 415 SI Rodriguez-McGill,  SP’02
SPAN 415 SI Sainz  SP’02
SPAN 483B SI Martinex-Mira, SP’09
SPCH 205 SI All instructors  F’99, now COMM 205 F’08
SPCH 206 SI All instructors  F’99, now COMM 206 F’08
SPCH 207 SI All instructors  SS’03), now COMM 207 F’08
SPCH 209A SI  O’Donnell, F’99  now COMM 209
SPCH 209A SI Buske-Zainal  F’99 , now COMM 209
SPCH 209A SI McMullen  SP’99 now COMM 209
SPCH 209A SI Morello  F’97, now COMM 209
SPCH 209A SI Rao  SP’05, now COMM 209
SPCH 310 SI Morello  F’97 now COMM 350
SPCH 310 SI O’Donnell  SP’01 now COMM 350
SPCH 310 SI Rao  SP’03 now COMM 350
SPCH 311A SI Morello now COMM 351
SPCH 370D SI Morello  F’00
SPCH 370E SI O’Donnell  F’01 now COMM 356
SPCH 370F SI Rao  F’03 now COMM 354
SPCH 370G SI O’Donnell  SP’04) nowCOMM 355
SPCH 370H SI Rao  F’04) now COMM 353
SPCH 370J SI O’Donnell  SP’06) now COMM 352
SPCH 470 SI O’Donnell  F’00, now COMM 481,482
SPCH 491 SI Rao, SP’08) now COMM 491
THEA 211A SI Tenner SP’15
THEA 212A SI Stull  F’97, Housley F’00, Tenner SP’15
THEA 281 SI Stull  F’98
THEA 361 SI All instructors F’17
THEA 362 SI All instructors F’17
THEA 400 SI Stull F’18
THEA 433 SI Hodge SP’17
THEA 434 SI All instructors F’17
THEA 436 SI McCluskey SP’17
THEA 481 SI Stull F’15