Additional publications

The following books are available from the museum shops at Ash Lawn-Highland and the James Monroe Museum.

– Quotations of James Monroe on the Subjects of His Family, Friends, Private Affairs and Public Policy (Ash Lawn-Highland, 2010) – a compendium of Monroe’s observations on a variety of subjects, with an appendix of quotes by various historical figures about Monroe and his family.

James Monroe: An Illustrated History (Pictorial Histories Publishing, 2008) uses portraits of Monroe, his family, and associates; historical paintings, prints, and drawings of events and places associated with Monroe; and modern photographs of documents, artifacts, and places (a total of 275 illustrations) to tell the story of his life.

– Elizabeth Kortright Monroe (Ash Lawn-Highland, 2002) – authored by James Wooten, this pamphlet is the only stand-alone biography of First Lady Elizabeth Monroe in publication at this time. Family history reports that Mrs. Monroe burned her correspondence prior to her death in 1831 in an observation of privacy, and only two letters are know to have survived. This work provides insight based on information gleaned from Monroe’s correspondence, family observations and quotes from those within her contemporary Washington society.

– A Narrative of the Life of James Monroe With a Chronology (Ash-Lawn Highland and the James Monroe Museum, 2001)this succinct biography, written by leading Monroe scholar Daniel Preston, details the public, private and family life of James Monroe.

– The Presidency of James Monroe, 1817-1825 (Ash-Lawn Highland and the James Monroe Museum, 2000) – a concise presentation by the editor of the Monroe Papers, Daniel Preston, of the major events and national context of Monroe’s two presidential terms, including his election, the selection of his Cabinet, the Missouri Compromise and the Monroe Doctrine.