Eliza Monroe Hay

 portrait of Eliza Monroe HayElizabeth Kortright Monroe Hay (1786-1840)[1], the eldest of the Monroe children, was born in King George, Virginia. She married George Hay (1765-1830)[2], a prominent Virginia attorney and jurist, in October 1808[3].  They had one daughter, Hortensia (1809-1834)[4].  Eliza was known to be a formidable presence and assisted her mother as hostess during Monroe’s second term in office. Following the death of her parents and husband, all within a year of each other, she returned to Paris and spent the final years of her life there. Eliza is buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

[It] is nothing with them but “my dear” and “my dear,” yet do not think I have ever heard them agree on one subject since here I am, and when together they are eternally talking. As for her oracular powers, I think I heard him tell her today at dinner 3 distinct times that she “talked too much and must talk less.”         Egbert Watson, 1828, on Eliza and George Hay

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