Maria Monroe Gouverneur

Maria Monroe Gouverneur (1802-1850), Monroe’s youngest child, was born on April 8, 1802. She attended Madame Grelaud’s School in Philadelphia from 1816-1819, and married her cousin Samuel L. Gouverneur (17981865) in a ceremony at the White House in 1820. They resided in New York until 1844, when they returned to Washington, D. C., to allow Samuel to take a position in the U.S. State Department. They had three surviving children, James Monroe Gouverneur (born 19 August 1822), Elizabeth Kortright Gouverneur and Samuel Lawrence Gouverneur, Jr. Their first child, a daughter, died on 4 September 1821. Maria  died  on  June  20,  1850,  at  Oak  Hill  in  Leesburg,  Virginia (Daily National Intelligencer, 24 June 1850).Maria Monroe Gouverneur portrait