11 – November

1-30 November 1829                president of Virginia constitutional convention

[7] November 1794                   obtained release of Thomas Paine from prison in Paris

[7-16] November 1813              JM in Virginia; EM in DC

9 November 1790                     elected to the US Senate

9 November 1818                     appointed Smith Thompson secretary of the navy

13 November 1817                   appointed William Wirt attorney general

14 November 1785                   returned to Richmond from trip to Kentucky

14 November 1820                   annual message to Congress

[15] November 1807                 left England for the US

15 November 1825                   sworn in as justice of the peace in Loudoun County

16 November 1818                   annual message to Congress

20 November 1777                   promoted to major in Continental army

23 November 1799                   established residence at Highland

26 November 1830                   chairmakers of New York presented JM with chair

November 1780                       in command of regiment of militia during campaign in southside Virginia

November 1791                       Elizabeth and Eliza Monroe in New York City (JM in                                                      Philadelphia)

November 1809                       declined appointment as governor of Louisiana Territory

November 1825                       declined to be candidate for governor of Virginia