Classroom Accommodations

The Office of Disability Resources provides various types of accommodations based on individual disability related needs.  Classroom accommodations include those needed within the learning and testing environment.  While accommodations are determined based on the current functional impact of a disability and determined through an interactive process between an ODR specialist and the student, some common examples are below:

  1. Extended time on Exams
  2. Reduced Distraction Environment for Testing
  3. Use of Assistive Technology in class and during exams
  4. Use of Sign Language Interpreting or other third-party service
  5. Notetaking Assistance

In Need of Classroom Accommodations?

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Accommodations are provided based on the documented and individual need for equal access.

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Current ODR Students:

Access your Accommodate Portal.

Special Note for current ODR students: If you need to submit additional documentation, please do so through your accommodate portal. We are requesting that you scan all documentation into PDF format when submitting it. Scanners are available in the Library or HCC, or you can download the free Adobe Scan app to your Phone/IPAD/Tablet. Instructions for using Adobe Scan.

Please Review Uploading Your Documentation to Accommodate for a step by step guide to this process. If the file is too large to upload, view guide on breaking down PDFs.