Arranging Interpreter Services



  1. Does UMW have an interpreter on staff that we can use?

No, but the university does contract with outside agencies to bring interpreters to campus as needed.

  1. Who makes arrangements for interpreters?

Interpreters for university events are coordinated by the hosting department.  The ODR coordinates interpreter services for all student courses and related academic work.

  1. How do we find an interpreter for an upcoming event?

Please contact the Office of Disability Resources. We will give you the name, contact information, and contract number for the interpreter services who are under state contract with UMW. You will contact them directly to make arrangements for interpreter services.

  1. Who pays for the interpreter?

The department hosting the event pays for the interpreters.

  1. How does the billing process work?

The office using the interpreter will enter the information into eVa.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Disability Resources (phone: 540-654-1266; fax: 540-654-2155)