Video Captioning /Transcription Resources and Services


  1. Kanopy
    1. A video streaming service offered through the Simpson Library.
    2. Includes independent, classic and foreign films, documentaries in all areas, and a host of other content.
    3. All students, faculty, and staff have access and can set up a free account that will allow access.
  2. Contact our University Librarian, Rosemary Arneson at or 540-654-1147.
  3. Google Search
    1. When searching in Google for a video with closed captions:

1. Type the title to the video in the search bar

Step One, Type the Title to the Video in the Search Bar

2. Click Tools

Step two, click tools

3. Change All videos to Closed Captioned

Step Three, change All videos to Closed Captioned

  1. How to Find Captioned YouTube Videos for your Classroom
  2. Creating Captions in YouTube

*Special Note: you have to have ownership of the video to take part in this process.


Video Captioning and Transcription Services