General Education

The Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness (OIAE) manages the assessment of the UMW General Education requirements in conjunction with the University Faculty General Education Committee. All general education requirements have student learning outcomes that guide the teaching of the requirements. At the beginning of each academic year, OIAE circulates the 2017-18 General Education Assessment Plan to all programs offering courses mapped to each requirement. The plan details the learning outcomes, assessment methods, rubrics, and list of courses to be assessed.  OIAE maintains records that describe the University’s definition, goals, expected student learning outcomes, success criteria, description of assessment methods, and assessment data for each General Education component. At the end of the semester, faculty submit assessment data to OIAE using the General Education results template.

Click here for the 2017-18 General Education Assessment Calendar.

Finally, OIAE complies assessment reports yearly and forwards them to the University Faculty General Education Committee for review and approval. This year the assistant provost and faculty groups engaged in a wide-scale review of the data from 2011-2017 for four general education components: Arts, Literature, and Performance – Appreciation, Natural Sciences, Experiential Learning, and Human Experience and Society. The final reports and recommendations for 2017-18 for will be available soon.