University Survey Research Tool – Qualtrics

Qualtrics software is a premier online survey platform for creating survey instruments, survey distribution, and storage and analysis of survey data. Qualtrics is a web-based application and is accessible to all faculty, staff and students from anywhere in the world at Some features of Qualtrics software include audio and video presentation, collaboration within and outside the university, complex research designs using survey flow, display logic, and randomization tools; data migration to SPSS, Excel, or XML; and cool-looking graphs and tables available for direct export.

Before you plan a survey on or off campus using Qualtrics, please consult our Policy on Conducting Survey Research and our calendar of scheduled surveys conducted on campus.

We recommending using Qualtrics in Firefox, but if you are having difficulty logging in, using another browser can often make a difference. If using the Qualtrics support page, note that it helps to log out of your institutional account.

How can I create an account?

Qualtrics utilizes UMW’s single sign-on. Browse in Firefox to, then enter your UMW username and password. This will create an account if you don’t have one. If you are prompted for the institutional log in, it is “umw” then your SSO.

How do I use Qualtrics?

There are training videos available at Qualtrics University. To go through their online training visit:

Who do I contact if I have questions about Qualtrics?

Contact the Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness at 540-654-1048 or

How can I create a survey?

There are 3 main ways to create a survey. You may create a survey from scratch, create a copy of an existing survey, or use a template from the Survey Library.

How can I change the background or template of my survey?

Go to the Edit Survey tab.
Select ‘Look and Feel’ the click on ‘Back to Old Editor’
The fonts, colors, general, and advanced tabs are the areas that can be edited.
There are tabs to change the background and theme:

Can I display different messages for different survey takers at the end of the survey?

In the Survey Flow, you can add multiple branches and place logic on the branches. You can then add End of Survey elements into the branch. To create a custom survey ending:
1. Go to the Edit Survey tab.
2. Click the Survey Flow icon.
3. Click Add a New Element Here.
4. Select the desired element.
5. Select Save Flow.
End of Survey elements can be added to each branch. If you need a random ending, use the Randomizer to randomly present a different ending.

Can my survey be renamed?

Click on the More Option Menu( horizontal three dots) then scroll down to ‘Rename Project’. You must be on the Projects page.

How can I export my survey to Word?

Use the Survey tab, click on Tools, then ‘Import/Export’, and select ‘Export Survey to Word…’ You will be given the document as a .docx file type. An alternate option is to print your survey to PDF.

How can I import a survey I created in Word into Qualtrics?

Importing from Word is not supported, however, you can copy and paste text from Word directly. To insert a long list of answer choices, you can use the Edit Multiple function (blue link next to the Choices option). You can also import a survey that has been saved as a .txt file if it is correctly formatted.

How do I generate a code number to display to respondents so they can have proof of taking the survey?

An ID can be associated with every survey response. While this ID is not consistent across respondents or surveys, it can function as a code number to display to respondents. Code numbers can be randomly generated using “Response IDs”. There is no response ID until the response has been submitted.

How can I insert a consent form into my survey?

To to add a consent form to your survey, insert a multiple choice question at the beginning of your survey. A Yes/No question should be the first question asked. Then use skip logic or survey flow branch logic to terminate the respondent if they do not consent to the terms and conditions.

How can I insert a footnote into my survey?

Follow these steps to insert a footnote into a survey:
1. Click the Edit Survey tab.
2. Click the ‘Look and Feel’ icon.
3. Click on ‘General’ with this link:

How can I insert a header into my survey?

Follow these steps to insert a header into a survey:
1. Click the Edit Survey tab.
2. Click the ‘Look and Feel’ icon.
3. Click the ‘General’ with this link:

What is the default question type?

Multiple choice questions are the default.

How do I carry certain choices from one question to another?

Click on the Gear icon then select Carry Forward Choices. This will provide you with a list of different ways to carry forward choices from a previous question. It can also be used in conjunction with the Display Logic options for specific answer choices to provide more power and functionality to your logic options. This option is now in ‘Question behavior’, inside the Builder tab:

How can I re-number the questions in my survey?

1. Hover above the question you wish to move.                                                                                                            2.  Then click on the up or down arrows to move the question block.

How do I save my work in Qualtrics?

Qualtrics automatically saves your work as you go or you can select “Ctrl+s” to manually save your work.

How can I show respondents their progress in the survey?

A progress bar can be inserted to indicate survey progress. This is inserted by going to Look and Feel, selecting General, and then specifying the format of the progress bar.

Why isn’t the randomizer displaying the blocks evenly?

With the Randomizer, you have the option to require that elements be presented evenly or in a truly random manner. To have them presented evenly, check this qualification on the Randomizer element in the Survey Flow.

What is a question block?

A question block is created in the Edit Survey tab to group questions. There are question blocks can be put into branches and randomizers to control when or how it and its questions are presented to the respondent.

Can I track who took my survey?

When you distribute a survey to a panel, Qualtrics automatically recognizes who has taken the survey and displays this information in the results via an e-mail address or a name.

Can I resend my survey to someone?

To resend a survey to an individual, there are two options:
1. If someone has already filled out the survey and would like to add or manipulate answers, you can use the Retake Survey link. This can be accessed by going to the View Results tab, Responses, Recorded Responses and locating the response. You can then click on Actions, Retake Survey to get a link to send the survey taker. Previous answers will be automatically populated.
2. If you would simply like to resend the survey, go to the Distribute Survey tab, Email Survey. You will then be able select a panel to send to or enter email address of those you want to send to.

How can I distribute my survey?

There are several distribution options including a generic link, use the Qualtrics Mailer, or distribute using a pop-up. Each of these distribution methods has advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of technique, we recommend you do not use a login and password for survey distribution, since respondents often see this as spam.
To use a generic link:
Surveys are activated on your distribution page by clicking on the link that says activate your survey to collect responses. A generic link will appear. You can send this out with your e-mail account, Twitter/Facebook, or post it on discussion boards, etc.
Advantages: Links are easy to distribute; respondents are anonymous.
Disadvantages: You cannot utilize random sampling techniques.
Using Qualtrics Mailer:
Surveys are sent using Qualtrics’ e-mail system.
Advantages: This automatically sends a custom link to each respondent and allows you to send reminders/thank yous, includes embedded data about respondents for evaluation, and can be surveyed repeatedly without re-importing the group.
Disadvantages: Creating the email list can take time; cannot ensure complete anonymity.
Using pop-ups:
This distribution method allows you to collect feedback via website. It embeds only the pop-up code. A code is generated you to copy and paste onto the site.
Advantages: This distribution method can help your survey respondents that are on your website.
Disadvantages: This only works on websites you control.

What is a panel?

A panel is a list of information containing email addresses, contact information, or other data that can be uploaded into Qualtrics and used in survey distribution and data analysis.

How do I upload a panel?

You can upload a panel from a mailing list or from a survey.
1. Click on the ‘Data&Analysis’ tab.
2. Click the ‘Import Data’ button on the right side of the page.
3. Click the ‘Import From a File’ button.
4. Select a .CSV (Excel) file from your computer.
5. Select the fields you would like to use.
6. Click the Import button at the bottom of the Import Panel Members window.
7. Select the Close button at the bottom right of the screen.

Why would people not be able to access the survey I created?

If the survey was distributed through the Qualtrics Mailer, a respondent can only take the survey once. If the link is forwarded on to someone else, that individual will not be able to take the survey. If an expiration date has been set up in ‘Survey Options’, the survey will not be accessible after that date. If the survey was distributed using the generic link, using the by ‘Invitation Only’ setting in Survey Options will disable all responses not coming from the survey mailer.

I sent out my survey, I need to make changes to it. Will that change my results?

Changes made to a survey will only affect individuals who start the survey after the changes are made. Deleting questions or answer choices after distributing a survey will cause you to lose data. Adding questions or answer choices will not cause problems. Changing the meaning of a question can skew results.

Why are reminders being sent to people who have completed my survey?

Reminder emails go out only to individuals who have not completed the survey. If survey takers report receiving a reminder even though they finished the survey, there are several things that could have happened:
– The individual did not actually click on the last “next” or “submit” button. Partial submissions will be recorded after one week (that is the default setting). The recipient cannot continue taking the survey once their data is recorded. If you want to change this, go to “survey options” on the survey tab. Partial completion is at the bottom, where you can change the options.
– The reminder email was scheduled to be sent out before the individual actually finished taking the survey
– The individual has a duplicate email address in the panel
– There were two distributions sent out to the same panel.

How can I delete responses?

To delete data, go to Report tab then Results. You can then select any or all of your responses and delete them. Remember deleting responses is permanent.

How can I import responses from multiple surveys into a master survey?

1. Collect your Data
2. Create New Survey (optional)
3. Download Template
4. Prepare Data For Combination Into Template
5. Combine Data
6. Upload Data

Why don’t I see all of the questions, or they aren’t in the order of the survey in the report?

The initial report is created early in the survey creation process, questions added and order changes are not reflected in the initial report. The easiest way to remedy this situation is to create a new report since it creates a report where the questions are ordered as in the survey. You also have the option to click/drag a question in the left-hand column to move it. Be sure that all questions you want to see are selected (checkbox) in the left-hand column. Remember that text and graphic questions are not displayed in reports.

Why don’t I see all of the responses in the report?

A “subgroup” or “filter” may have accidentally been placed on the report. Look for a red bar above the questions on the report indicating a subgroup. If you eliminate this bar, you should see all your responses. You can also try creating a new report.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Contact the UMW Help Desk at 540-654-2255.