Academic Programs

The University of Mary Washington has a traditionally strong and explicit approach to identifying and assessing academic program outcomes through the annual outcomes assessment process. Assessment activities in all academic programs are coordinated by 2021-22 Academic Program Assessment Coordinators nominated by each department. The college deans along with their program chairs ensure that students’ proficiency in all academic program learning outcomes are monitored for quality improvement. In addition to an assessment of learning outcomes for all educational programs at Mary Washington, each academic program is responsible for maintaining its accreditation with affiliated professional bodies.

All academic departments go through the institutional effectiveness cycle that is described in the Institutional Effectiveness Policy. All assessment reporting activities for 2021-22 assessment year will be completed using the department templates in Canvas. Academic program assessment also takes place through five-year and ten-year academic program review activities as documented in the Academic Program Review Process. You can ask for the most recent five and ten year academic program reviews filed in the Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness.

For specific questions about the academic program assessment, contact:

Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness
Room 309, George Washington Hall