Administrative and Educational Support Services

The University of Mary Washington offers administrative and educational support services that contribute to students’ learning and development. To assess the level of this contribution, all administrative and educational support services at University of Mary Washington have defined mission statements and expected goals that are tied to the mission and institutional goals of the University of Mary Washington. The mission statements and goals are reviewed by each assessment unit at the start of a new assessment year. Under the leadership of Vice Presidents and the 2021-22 Administrative Units Assessment Contacts each unit develops and approves an assessment plan that is implemented throughout the year. The assessment plan consists of goals/outcomes to be assessed, the assessment method, and the definition of the success criteria. Based on assessment results, each unit head writes a report in Canvas that includes a summary of the assessment results, modifications, timeline, requirements, and approval needed for the modification, and the signature of the approving authority.

Mission Statements and Goals: Academic Support

Mission Statements and Goals: Administrative Support

This institutional effectiveness cycle is further described in the Institutional Effectiveness Policy.

For specific questions about the Administrative and Educational Support Services assessment activities, contact the Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness at 540-654-1282.