Housing Accommodations

Students with disabilities may request accommodations in their residence halls by completing a Housing Accommodation Request which includes documentation of a substantially limiting condition from the physician or other appropriate professional.  Disability-based housing accommodations include, but are not limited to:

Wheelchair-accessible room and bathroom

Flashing fire alarms and bed shakers

Reduction in number of roommates

Requesting Air Conditioning Only?

AC requests are addressed by the Office of Residence Life.  See Residence Life Housing Process


To Submit a Disability Based Housing Accommodation Request:

Please complete all three parts of the following form and submit to the Office of Disability Resources:  Housing Accommodation Application

Part 1. Housing Accommodations Application (to be completed by the student)

Part  2. Permission for Release of Information (to be completed by the student or parent/guardian)

Part 3. Documentation of Disability-Related Need for Housing Accommodations (to be completed by the student and treating professional).

3a. In addition to this form the physician must include, ON LETTERHEAD, the date of the most recent office visit of the student, his/her professional credentials, and his/her signature.

DEADLINES:  The deadlines for submitting housing accommodation requests to the Office of Disability Resources are January 26th, 2015 for returning students and March 6th, 2015 for new or transfer students.  Accommodation requests that are received by the deadline will be reviewed and all approved accommodations are guaranteed. Because housing accommodations are contingent on availability, accommodation requests made after the due date will be provided on a space available basis but cannot be guaranteed.

Housing Accommodation Request Process:

1. The Housing Accommodations Committee reviews all applications.

2. The Committee sends an e-mail to the student notifying him/her whether or not the accommodations were approved.

3. Students with approved ADA accommodations sign-up for housing directly with the Office of Residence Life.

 Please Submit All Documents To:

Director of Disability Resources, 401 Lee Hall, University of Mary Washington,

1301 College Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 or by fax (540) 654-2155.


Note: Housing deadline for Spring 2015 for Returning Students is January 26, 2015.

            Housing deadline for Spring 2015 for New Incoming Students is March 6, 2015.


**PLEASE NOTE:  Students must resubmit applications for housing accommodations annually.

For more information on housing accommodations, please see Frequently Asked Housing Questions.