Foreign Language Substitution

What documentation is needed to get a Foreign Language Substitution?

Please refer to the Documentation Guidelines for your particular disability.  Be sure to include how the disability impacts foreign language learning.

What is the Procedure for Requesting a Foreign Language Course Substitution?

Submit documentation of your disability related need for a Foreign Language Substitution to Disability Resources and request a Foreign Language Substitution by emailing .  The director of Disability Resources will review your request and email you to set an appointment to discuss barriers to foreign language learning and recommended accommodations.  If recommended for a Foreign Language Substitution, the student completes the Foreign Language Course Substitution Application received during the meeting. Once the application is approved by the Associate Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Success, the registrar and student are notified of the substituted courses.

What Courses can be substituted for foreign language courses?

Language Course Substitutions List

Substitute courses must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be listed on the Approved List of Course Substitutes
  • They must not be used to satisfy any other General Education requirements.
  • If 9-12 credit hours are remaining, courses must be selected from at least two of the three categories on the course substitution list.
  • If 6 credits are remaining, a combination of courses must be selected that are linked by intellectual coherence as determined by the director of ODR. The choices might be, for example, two consecutive courses of linguistics or a pairing of the History of Ancient Greece and Greek Philosophy.
  1. If the application and course substitutions meet the above criteria the director of Disability Resources signs the application and sends it to the Associate Provost, Academic Engagement and Student Services.
  2. The Associate Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Services reviews the application and either approves it or makes recommendations for changes.
  3. If approved, ODR notifies the Registrar, and copies the student.
  4. The process for amending the agreement is as follows:
    • The student submits an amended Foreign Language Course Substitution application.
    • The process resumes at #1 of the approval process.
  5. If the student proposes a substitute class that is not on the Approved List of Course Substitutions, the student must make a proposal that will be submitted to the Office of Disability Resources and the General Education Committee for approval. If the course is approved, the process resumes at #3 of the approval process.