Canvas Updates and Announcements (12-18-2020)

As we approach the spring 2021 semester the Digital Learning Support team would like to update you on changes and new features that have been made available in Canvas. Student View Affected User Roles Instructors The Course Settings page includes the Student View button, which allows users with instructor-based roles to view the course with the student perspective. Individual buttons have also been placed at the top of most course pages, which provides quick Student View access for the specific page. In the Home Page, the Student View button has been removed from the sidebar and replaced with the smaller button at the top of the page, since the Home Page can be viewed by students.   More information and a video demonstrating how this feature works can be found in the Canvas Release Notes for 12-19-2020. Recording Affected User Roles All users When users record media or upload media using the Upload/Record Media link, the media file is stored in … [Read more...]

Canvas Updates and Announcements (08-06-2020)

As we approach the fall semester the Digital Learning Support team would like to update you on changes and new features that have been made available in Canvas. Additionally, we are providing some options on how to meet the requirements outlined by the Provost around Canvas use for all classes this fall.   Increased Canvas Course Storage We’ve doubled the course storage quota from 500MB to 1000MB for all courses going forward. We hope this will alleviate some of the storage issues we were seeing in the spring. If you think you'll need more than 1000MB of storage, you'll need to identify a place outside of Canvas to host your files. Especially if you plan on creating videos to share with students, you will quickly run out of space if you try to store them in Canvas.  If you will need more space for files, we recommend OneDrive (all UMW faculty and students have OneDrive accounts with 1 terabyte of space) but you are welcome to use any cloud storage solution you are … [Read more...]

Meeting Canvas Requirements for All Courses 

This article is intended to provide some guidance in how to implement the Canvas requirements for all courses outlined in the “Message from the Provost” sent to all faculty on 6/29/20. The email included the following section on Canvas requirements:  As faculty plan their courses for fall, all courses must include the following: Canvas. All courses must use Canvas in basic ways. This includes providing the syllabus, course schedule, faculty contact information, office hours and means of communication, information on how students will access their grades or feedback, and links to any other sites/platforms that are used for the course with explanation of use and expectations. Based on survey data collected this past spring, students recommended using Canvas as outlined above to improve the communication and organization of a course. Using Canvas as a “base camp” allows students consistent access to information from course to course.  This page provides suggested methods to meet … [Read more...]

Using Zoom in Canvas

Instructors can use Zoom from within their Canvas courses to schedule recurring virtual class meetings, record class sessions, and generate captions and transcripts for videos recorded in Zoom. This guide focuses exclusively on using Zoom within Canvas. For more general Zoom guides, see our DLS Zoom tool page. Important Notes (Read this first!) Before you can use this feature in Canvas, you will first need to set up your UMW Zoom account by going to, clicking "Sign In," and logging in with your UMW Net ID and password. Please contact the IT Help Desk for issues or questions about accessing, setting up, or using your UMW Zoom account. Zoom has a robust collection of online guides. If you have a question about a specific feature, you can often Google the term to find step-by-step instructions for exactly what you are looking for (e.g. "Zoom breakout rooms"). Video Overview   Scheduling a Zoom Meeting Click Zoom from … [Read more...]

Changes to Canvas Rich Text Editor

The Classic Canvas rich text editor is being retired in favor of a new streamlined interface. As part of this change, Office365 tools such as Word, Excel, and OneDrive will be integrated directly into the new toolbar. These changes will happen automatically for all users on Friday, 5/8/2020. The Classic editor will be unavailable after this time.   The Classic Editor placed all formatting options on the toolbar, and looked like this:  The new editor places many of these functions under nested dropdown menus. The default view shows only the most common formatting tools, with additional tools available by clicking the three dots on the far right side of the toolbar:   Of particular note is the Apps button (plug icon):   This button will allow you to insert links to a OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive file or folder from directly within Canvas. This is particularly useful for sharing media such as audio, video, or high-resolution images without taking up space in … [Read more...]