First-Year Seminar

At the heart of the FYE is our First-Year Seminar (FSEM), a small seminar-style course that every first-year student takes during their first semester at UMW. Seminars are taught by one of our highly-trained master teachers. Topics vary across disciplines and are designed to encourage discussion-based communal learning that mirrors the kind of learning environment typical of upper-level courses in the major. Individual topics for the courses and instructor bios are available at the FSEM website.

The FSEM program is designed to help first-year students build the skills that they need for success here at UMW. As a result, every course involves an in-depth look at the course material through significant writing assignments, class discussions and oral presentations, and meaningful library research. Students learn about and access the resources available through the Writing Center, Speaking Center, and Simpson Library. Residential students will find that their FSEM classmates live nearby in our first-year residence halls and learning continues seamlessly after the class ends.