FYE Homepage


eagleThe First-Year Experience (FYE) at the University of Mary Washington brings together a variety of initiatives and programs to support new students in their transition to the University as they engage with all that UMW has to offer. From academic and career exploration to rigorous coursework and co-curricular involvement, first-year students are immersed in a rigorous academic community that builds the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary for success at UMW and beyond. Explore the components of the First-Year Experience by clicking on the links above.

Questions about components of the FYE can be directed to those in charge of each area:

  • Common Experience (Read) — April Wynn, Director of the First-Year Experience (awynn@umw.edu)
  • First-Year Seminar — April Wynn, Director of the First-Year Experience (awynn@umw.edu)
  • Advising — Wes Hillyard, Director of Academic Services (rhill5ch@umw.edu)
  • Living & Learning — Dave Fleming, Associate Director of Residence Life for Residential Education (dflemin3@umw.edu)
  • Peer Mentoring — Melissa Jones, Assistant Dean of Student Involvement (mjones6@umw.edu)