AdvisingTo ensure that every new student receives broad, personalized academic advice during their first year, each student will be assigned a faculty Academic Advisor, a Student Success Coordinator, and a Peer Mentor.

Students within each FSEM share a common faculty advisor who is typically the instructor of the course. Regular mentoring is embedded within the course and takes place throughout the fall semester, through which students are offered weekly updates on deadlines, events, and support resources. Through such close support, students quickly learn the ropes of college and adjust to their new routine. When their FSEM ends in December, students continue to see their faculty advisor during their spring semester, leading up to the day that they declare their major and move on to a faculty advisor within their chosen academic discipline. Students unsure of a major area of concentration at the end of their first year transition into a very intentional sophomore-year experience led by professional staff in the office of Academic Services.