FSEM Overview


These aren’t just courses. They’re road trips for your brain.

Target your unique academic passions, connect with like-minded classmates, and shift your Mary Washington journey into high gear.

These seminars represent the best of a UMW education: small, highly interactive courses led by master teachers — teachers who are excited and passionate about their subject matter and who care about their students.

“My FSEM teacher started off class (every class) by asking if we had any questions about college, like how to talk to professors, how to work out scheduling issues, who we needed to email about this or that, etc.”
Banned & Dangerous Art FSEM student


Courses like Creating Arts and Ideas, Inequality and the American Dream, Podcasting the first-Year Experience, and so many more turn the traditional classroom experience into an academic adventure you won’t want to miss. Join in the brutal fighting of the early Crusades. Learn to sniff out the BS in American politics. Go beyond your “selfie.”

Learn to think critically and find new ways to analyze problems. Pursue independent research and develop the skills and habits you’ll need to navigate UMW’s rigorous curriculum. Muster the right evidence to support your point, hone powerful oral presentations, produce finely polished prose, and buckle up! Your journey’s about to begin.

“I feel that perhaps the most important skill I developed at UMW was the ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and in oral presentations, and my FSEM was the first major step in the cultivation of these skills.”
The Early Crusades FSEM student


Check out the course offerings, and get a taste of what’s in store for you!