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Welcome! Here you'll find a full list of all Fall 2017 First-Year Seminar (FSEM) offerings. Browse through the pages of classes, select a course from the first dropdown menu, or browse by subject area. Please note that this site shows the FSEMs regardless of whether or not they are full, so there is no guarantee that a course will still be open at the time of your registration.

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    FSEM 100D3 | The Art of Mathematics

    Have you ever wondered about the connections between mathematics and the arts? In this seminar you will have the opportunity to discover and investigate how mathematics is involved in many art forms.

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    FSEM 100F2 | Chemistry and War
    Operation Crossroads

    This FSEM explores the role that chemical discoveries have played in conflict and war, as well as the reverse of that relationship–the role that conflict and war have played in driving chemical discoveries.

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    FSEM 100K1 | Physics for Future Presidents and World Leaders

    How do the impossibly tiny, seemingly invisible atoms and molecules make up the world around us? This FSEM will widen your understanding of physics and its real-world applications. We will explore energy, satellites, gravity, radioactivity, nuclear reactors, nuclear bombs, light, and quantum mechanics.

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    FSEM 100K9 | Past, Present, and Future Trends in Commerce*

    This course examines how commerce has been conducted in the past and present. Students will review the evolution of commerce and will review, discuss, and theorize how it will change in the future. Students will evaluate historic and current patterns of trade, research the potential of expected changes to the business environment, and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of a potential change.

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    FSEM 100M1 | Numbers Rule Your World

    Data is everywhere. The “Information Age” has unleashed a deluge of facts and figures that describe everything in our world, from mouse clicks and movie ratings to tweets and touchdowns. In this seminar we will study state-of-the-art techniques for gathering, sifting, dissecting, and understanding the vast quantities of numerical information that the human race is generating.

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    FSEM 100M4 | Game Theory

    This section of FSEM is designated as an honors course and satisfies the requirements for students enrolled in the University Honors Program. The conflict between cooperation and completion—between working toward the public interest or self-interest—is one of the key dilemmas of life. For people who like to analyze rather than moralize, game theory is a way to break down problems to their essentials, understand the actions of the participants, and evaluate possible solutions.

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    FSEM 100N6 | Part Game, Part Play: Gamers and Gaming

    This section of FSEM is designated as an honors course and satisfies the requirements for students enrolled in the University Honors Program. Games have played a role in every generation and are part of mainstream culture. Games foster engagement—the foundation of any positive learning experience. In this course, you will become game designers and create a game around a serious topic of choice. An exploratory and participatory approach is central to this course experience.

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