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Exam info:

The Calculus Readiness Exam is designed for those students who either want or need to take MATH 121: Calculus I at UMW.  Students that have prior credit for Calculus—either through an AP exam or transfer coursework—do not need to take this exam:  simply enroll in the next Calculus course for which you have the prerequisites.  Students wishing to enroll in MATH 121: Calculus I should take this brief multiple-choice test to make sure they have the algebra and trigonometry skills needed for success in Calculus I.  If not, students will be advised to enroll in MATH 111: Precalculus before taking Calculus I.  This exam is purely advisory and non-binding:  there are no prerequisites for enrolling in MATH 121.

Testing dates:

Open all the time, never shuts down.

Calculus test link:

Contact Information:

Randall Helmstutler, chair, Department of Mathematics


Are you planning on being a Science major (Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Geology, Chemistry), Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, Pre-Vet, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Neuroscience?  Then you will need to complete General Chemistry (CHEM 111, 112)!  Registration for the introductory Chemistry courses requires completion of the placement exam.  You cannot register for CHEM 111 without a placement score on file.  Furthermore, any student wishing to register for CHEM 101, Foundations of Chemistry, must also take the Chemistry Placement test.

The test is a 55-minute test with 60 graded questions that we use to recommend the best starting CHEMISTRY course for you.  All of those majors/areas/career paths noted above will require completion of General Chemistry I and II (CHEM 111 and 112).  We want you to be successful in those courses, so we are giving you this test.  We have seen that students with a score of lower than 35 (out of 60) have less than a 25% success rate in General Chemistry.   If your score is lower than 35, we have another course for you to start with, CHEM 101 – Foundations of Chemistry– whose purpose is to build your math and science study skills while teaching you some very basic chemistry so that you WILL be successful when you take CHEM 111.  Students with a score of 35 or greater can choose to sign up directly for CHEM 111 during registration.

In order to sign up for either CHEM 101 or 111 you HAVE TO take this exam at some point, so now is probably the best time.  You must take the test to register for CHEM 101 or 111 in Banner.

Testing Details

The test is administered online, using our course management system, Canvas.  In order to take the test, you will need a current UMW user account (username and password) to login.

Contact Information

To get more information and be placed on the list to get access to the test, email Dr. Charles Sharpless at


Exam Info:

The Latin Placement Exam is designed to assess your current level of knowledge and skill in Latin and to give you advice about the course you should take in order to begin your Latin studies at UMW. The results of this test do not earn you any college credit, and the results are not part of your permanent record.  The test will suggest placement in one of the following courses:

  • Latin 101 (the first half of Elementary Latin, offered every fall),
  • Latin 102 (the second half of Elementary Latin, offered every spring)
  • Latin 201 (the first half of Intermediate Latin, offered every fall)
  • Latin 202 (the second half of Intermediate Latin, offered every spring)

If you place into Latin 202, you will be invited to take the Latin Exemption Exam at the start of the fall semester.  The results of the Latin Exemption Exam, again, will not earn you any college credit, but it may grant you exemption from UMW’s language requirement.

The Latin Placement Exam should take only about 45 minutes to complete.  You have, however, 75 minutes in which to work on the test before the system will end it.  IMPORTANT:  once begun, the test must be completed within the time allotted.  It cannot be resumed later.  Multiple attempts are not allowed.  The test may be taken only once.  VERY IMPORTANT:  The Latin Placement Exam is available to students only in the time immediately preceding their entry to UMW.  If you have any interest in ever taking Latin at UMW, you should take it now.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only students who have not yet started taking classes at UMW are eligible to take the Latin Placement Exam. Be aware that it is against the Honor Code for those who have already started taking classes at UMW to take or attempt to access this exam without the written permission of the chair of the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion.

The best way to prepare for the test is to review Latin forms and grammar.  Know the noun, adjective, and verb endings, and be ready to identify constructions such as the ablative absolute and purpose clause.  Practice some translation, noting the role of each word in the sentence (subject, direct object, adverb, etc.).  BONAM FORTUNAM!

Testing Dates:

The test will be offered from May 6 through July 15, 2017, for any new UMW students who plan to start classes in August 2017.  It is strongly recommended that you take the Latin Placement Exam BEFORE you attend orientation at UMW.

Link to the Latin Placement Test:

Contact Information:

Craig Vasey
Chair of Classics, Philosophy, &Religion
Liane Houghtalin
Professor of Classics


Exam and Placement Information:

In order to move efficiently and successfully through the sequence of language courses at UMW, first-time students should begin their language study at the appropriate level. We offer a placement exam in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Our placement exam is administered through Avant Assessment.

For new students, in order to get your placement recommendation at summer orientation, you will need to take the exam at home BEFORE coming to campus between May 1 and June 1, 2017. New students will receive more detailed instructions directly on how to access this exam. Students who score high in the summer will be invited to take another proctored exam at the beginning of the fall semester if they wish to seek exemption from the UMW language requirement. THIS 2nd EXAM IS BY INVITATION ONLY. Otherwise students can take the recommended course.

Upon completion of the exam, students should allow up to two weeks for their score to be reflected in Banner.

Link to Modern Language Exam Suggested Placements:

Contact Information for academic and placement questions:

Dr. Elizabeth Franklin Lewis, Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.