Canvas (Fall 2014 Update)

In our fourth year now using Canvas as our learning management system, we’ve reached a usage rate of 90%. This fall we have 878 active courses, and many committee and group workspaces as well. Over the years we’ve integrated Starfish and QEP modules for student success and Xplorance Blue as an evaluation tool for both students and faculty. Many of our instructors have installed 3rd-party apps with textbook integration and LTIs. Check out the list of what you can add to enhance the learning: … [Read more...]

Canvas Mobile Apps – always evolving!

Instructure has released their latest version (3.0) of the Canvas mobile app for iOS featuring an improved design experience for your iPhone and iPad. Download it in the iTunes store. Version 3.0 requires iOS 7.0 or later. Please note the Canvas for iOS app (for iOS 6+) is no longer supported. Documentation for the Canvas by Instructure can be found in the Canvas Mobile Guides. … [Read more...]

Opt-in to the Conversation Redesign

Have you noticed the changes to Conversations? Canvas has been tweaking a beta version for the last few months to improve its functionality. If you haven’t tried it yet, click the question icon and select the Try New Conversations option (the new Conversations is an opt-in feature). You'll see it mimics the look of Discussions. You can switch back to the old Conversations at any time by clicking the question icon again and selecting Switch Back to Old Conversations. So what's new? Courses drop-down menu: In the courses menu, you'll now be able to filter messages by course. Yay! We wanted that! You’ll also be able to organize your inbox by more courses and concluded courses. Tags will appear at the top of the inbox to show what course is being filtered. Compose new messages: The compose message icon creates a new window in the middle of your screen. You can filter recipients by course, create subject lines, and add attachments to messages. And you can continue the … [Read more...]

UMW & Canvas Case Study

Check us out! UMW & Canvas Case Study … [Read more...]

You know what, DTLT is pretty sick right now

Image credit: Kate Geraets "We Rock" (click image for link) The semester has been flying by, here we are in week 10, two-thirds through and I have to say we here at UMW’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies are moving at a pretty amazing clip. It’s as if everything has clicked, and we all “can still jack in and know what do to.” It’s like a team that just starts to hit their stride, and when they do it all just feels so natural. A beautiful sense of peaking where everything around you slows down  and you can just see what’s coming next, and nail it. Working at UMW’s DTLT right now is a rare professional privilege, and I find myself racing to work everyday to ride that high. But all of this might just sound like sugar coated cheerleading, so let me layout what exactly has got me so excited about working at DTLT right now. UMW’s Online Learning Initiative Steve Greenlaw is leading up an initiative at UMW that I think is … [Read more...]