Creating and Logging into Your UMW Zoom Account

All UMW faculty, staff, and students can create a licensed Zoom account tied to their UMW email address. This account will allow users to host meetings beyond the 40 minute limit imposed on free accounts, and allow access to other useful paid features.

A UMW Zoom account is also required for pre-assignment of breakout rooms.

Creating Your UMW Zoom Account

To create your UMW Zoom account, you will need to log in via the UMW Zoom Web Portal. On this page, simply click “Sign In” and then log in with your UMW NetID and password.

screenshot of the UMW Zoom Web Portal login page

Logging into Your UMW Zoom Account

When joining a Zoom meeting, you may be prompted to log into your UMW account. You can do so via the above method for “Creating you UMW Zoom Account.” You can also log in directly from the Zoom client by clicking the “Sign with SSO” button (not the default email and password fields).

Screenshot of signing with Single Sign On

Getting Help

If you have issues creating or logging into your UMW Zoom account, you can contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.