Learning Outcomes

The Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for the Digital Intensive requirement are listed as headings below. Under each heading, bullet points delineate the specific features of an assignment or course that would allow students to complete that SLO. The rubric includes a more detailed explanation of the criteria for each SLO.

Successfully locates and critically evaluates information using the Internet, library databases, and/or other digital tools

  • Uses digital technologies relevant to the discipline
  • Uses digital information in an ethical manner
  • Demonstrates awareness of legal, social, and/or cultural issues surrounding the use of digital information

Uses digital tools to safely, ethically, and effectively produce and exchange information and ideas

  • Creatively uses digital text, media, and/or data
  • Works collaboratively to exchange and share information
  • Works with digital tools to produce new information resources
  • Demonstrates knowledge of legal, social, and/or cultural contexts of digital information production

Creatively adapts to emerging and evolving technology

  • Identifies and evaluates digital tools needed for the design and development of projects
  • Develops an independent and critical approach to solving technology and information challenges
  • Develops digital and/or professional identity in relation to different audiences