Writing Center


The Writing Center

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Professors, please contact the Center’s manager to set up a class visit or mini-workshop.

Heather Guhl – hguhl@umw.edu

Part of the university-wide Writing Intensive Program, the Writing Center expresses UMW’s belief in writing competence as an essential ingredient of a liberal arts education.  Operating within the Honor Code, the Writing Center offers free tutorial assistance to students regardless of major, class level, or skill level.

Since the Writing Center schedule fills quickly during busy times in the semester, it’s a good idea to make appointments in advance of need.  Walk-in service may be available. Our regular fall and spring hours are:

Mondays-Thursdays 10am-9pm

Fridays 10am-3pm

Saturdays 3pm-6pm 

Sundays 6pm-9pm.

Want to be a Writing Center Tutor? Download the Tutor Application!